This week's Kroger Ad Matchups for the Cincinnati region will be posted in the body of this post (rather than as a web-published and printer-friendly GoogleDoc). GoogleDocs is having some issues today across the web; let's hope all is back to normal by next week!

Nothing spectacular at Kroger this week; the sale this week is mostly a repeat of last week's 10 for $10 Mix and Match sale.

To view your local Kroger's Weekly ad, click here.

I note the best coupon matchups for the sale items; there may be more coupon matchups out there. Please check the free database at Hot Coupon World if you want to find all the coupons available.

Also, please note that coupons do vary in value from region to region; your values may differ from mine.

Last, I don't offer a "Final Price" per item because each Kroger store has their own policy for doubling coupons and to what value they do double coupons. (In the Cincinnati region, Kroger allows unlimited doubled coupons and doubles coupons to a maximum doubled value of $1.00.)

Don't forget to drop by on Tuesday for my weekly linkyfest, Let's Go Krogering!. I'll share with you what I found at Kroger this week and then you, my fine Kroger-loving bloggy friends, can link your own Let's Go Krogering! post full of deals as well!

Kroger 10 for $10 Mix and Match Items (priced $1.00 ea - you *don't* need to buy 10 to get the $1.00 ea price):

Kroger Milk or OJ, half gallons (WOOT!)

Boca Organic Garden Vegetable Meatless Burgers, 10 oz

Boca Natural Bratwurst Meatless Sausage, 10 oz

Boca Organic Meatless Breakfast Links, 8 oz

Kroger Cottage Cheese, Sour Cream, or Dip, 12-16 oz

Kroger Buns, Sandwich or Hot Dog, 8 ct

Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream, 16 oz

Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream, 4-4.25 oz

Chef Boyardee Pasta, 14.5-15 oz
:: $1.00/5, Kroger Insert 03/22

Rice or Pasta Roni, 4.2-7.25 oz
:: $1.00/3 printable here
:: $1.00/4, RP 03/08

Kroger Cream Cheese Bar, 8 oz

Kraft Barbeque Sauce, 18 oz

Lawry's Marinades, 12 oz
:: $1.00/2, RP 04/05

Husman's Potatoe Chips, 5 oz

Kroger Hot Sauce, 12 oz

Kroger Picante Sauce or Salsa, 16 oz

Pillsbury Brownie Mix, 19.5 oz
:: $1.00/2, RP 03/29

Kroger Ketchup or Mustard, 24 oz

McCormick Grill Mates or Grinders Seasoning, 2.75-3.4 oz
:: $0.50/1, RP 04/19
:: $0.75/1, RP 04/05
:: $1.00/1, RP 03/15

Pepsi or 7Up Soft Drinks, 2 liters

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers, 6.6-8 oz

Kroger Bagels, refrigerated, 14.25 oz

Kroger Biscuits, 16 oz

Michelina's Entrees
:: $1.00/5 Lean Gourmet entrees printable here

Powerade Sports Drinks, 32 oz
:: $0.40/1, SS 03/22

Ice Mountain Water, 2 liter

Nesquik Milk or Milkshake, 13.5-16 oz

Hamburger Helper Microwave Singles

Idahoan Pototoes, 4-4.1 oz
:: $0.75/3 printable here (must fill out quick survey; click on "Print Coupon")

Hunt's Snack Pack Pudding, 4 pk

Kroger Cooking Spray, 6-8 oz

Kroger Microwave Pizza, 8 oz

Tony's Pizza for One, 5.5-5.75 oz

Frito Lay Snacks, 2.75-5 oz

Tampico Lemonade or Punch, 128 oz

Turkey Hill Tea, 64 oz (1/2 gallon)
:: $1.00/2 half gallons, RP 04/05

Fuze Drink, 18-18.5 oz
:: $0.25/1, SS 01/04

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 ct

Scott Paper Towels, 1 ct
:: $1.00/4 Long Lasting or Mega, SS 03/29

Parkay or Fleischmann's Margarine, 8-16oz
:: $0.50/2 Parkay bowls or tubs, Kroger Insert 03/22

Softsoap Elements Liquid Soap, 7.5 oz

Lever 2000 Soap, 2ct

Other Matchups This Week:

Buy $15 of Kroger Comforts, get $3.00 off instantly at checkout!

Comforts Diapers, sz 1-6 Jumbo Pack, $6.49
:: $3.00/1 printable here (should be able to print 2 per computer/IP address)

Comforts Baby Wipes, 80 ct, $2.00

Comforts Little Puffs Toddler Food, $1.50

Comforts Infant Formula, $11.99

*Deal Idea*

Buy (2) Comforts Diapers $6.49 ea ($12.98)
:: Use (2) $3.00/1 printables above

Buy (2) Little Puffs, $1.50 ea ($3.00)

Total Before Coupons + $3.00 off at check out: $15.98
Total After Coupons + instant $3.00 off at check out: $6.98

You'll get (2) packs diapers + 2 finger foods for less than $7.00 - WOOT!

Meat/Seafood Sales:

Tyson boneless, skinless chicken breasts, $1.78/lb

Pork Boston Butt Roast, $0.99/lb

English Shoulder Roast (beef), $1.98/lb

Tyson Drumsticks or Thighs, $0.99/lb

John Morrell Bologna, Hot Dogs, Smoked Sausage, or Polish Sausage, B1G1Free (save up to $2.49)

Produce Sales:

Driscoll Strawberries, $1.28/lb (stock your freezer!)

Lunchbox Apples, 4/$1.00 or $0.25 ea

Cucumbers, $0.77 ea

Kroger Value Russet Potatoes, 10 lbs, $2.99

Kroger Value Navel Oranges, 4 lbs, $2.48

Seedless black grapes, $0.99/lb

Tomatoes on the vine, $0.99/lb

Dole or Fresh Express Premium Garden Salads, 10-12 oz, $2.00 ea

**See any good deals that I missed? Please share them in a comment so everyone can grab those deals, too!**

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  1. Anonymous // April 22, 2009 1:35 PM  

    Here, the Carolina Pride Smoked Sausages are BOGO, and there was a $1.50/2 coupon in our insets!

  2. Marianne Thomas // April 23, 2009 6:30 AM  

    Anon: That's great!! Sounds like a perfect stockpile sale/coupon matchup.

    Thanks for sharing!