I know, I know, I just promised myself that I'd take a break and hang out with my kids during their spring break {without a laptop glued to my hands}, and here I am posting again.

Well, I just had to share this deal I snagged so you can try for yourself, too!

Did you listen to the webcast for America's Biggest Bedtime Story?

If not, it's still available to view as a webcast for a limited time; click here to watch it.

I just watched it myself with my daughter who was happy to sing along with me. It's a very very fun little webcast and my dogs are a lot like Fanny and Blue - full of mischief!

Right now, CheckoutFree has an online offer (go visit my friend Carrie @ MoneySavingMethods.com for her detailed instructions about online offers; I hope to follow her instructions and share my experience with you soon) where you can earn a $20.00 rebate when you order from Pizza Hut online and complete (1) online offer.

There are hundreds of online offers to choose from but the easiest ones are the ones that come up right after you enter your information in the get started page here; all but one of them credit instantly to your CheckoutFree account. The (1) that doesn't credit instantly does credit hourly which is still very good.

So, here's what I did to get my $20.00 from CheckoutFree:

1. Go to PizzaHut online and click on the "Find Exclusive Deals Online" image in the middle bottom of the page; or, this link will take you directly to the "Deals" landing page.

2. On the RIGHT hand of the page, you'll see a skyscraper banner that says, "Order Online and Get a $20.00 Cash Back Rebate." Click the "Continue" yellow button at the bottom of that banner.

3. You'll now be at the landing page for CheckoutFree's $20 Rebate when you order from Pizza Hut online. Enter your info in the form (name + email) and click continue.

4. You're now be here at the online offers page; the easiest (in my opinion) offers are the ones highlighted on this page. Again, all of these offers but (1) credit instantly to your CheckoutFree account (which you will be prompted to open via an email later). Look over the offers and pick one you want to try (I opted for the magazine subscription which is the one offer listed that credits hourly, not instantly). Fill out all the info for your offer, print your receipt, and then NOTE WHEN THE FREE TRIAL PERIOD EXPIRES!!! This is important! These free trials are only free for a certain amount of time; you'll need to note the end of the trial period on your calendar so you can call and cancel before the free trial period ends. Since my free trial period is 90 days, I marked 85 days from the date I ordered on my calendar as my date to call and cancel.

5. Now that you've opted for (1) online offer, check your email. You should have an email there (mine was in my inbox within the hour) with a subject line of "Getting $20.00 Back Free from CheckoutFree.com". This email will contain a link to the "My Account" page on CheckoutFree.com; when you visit that landing page, you'll be prompted to set up an account for CheckoutFree.com. Once you do that, you'll receive a second email with the subject line, "CheckoutFree Account Creation." This email will contain a link to click on to activate your account and login. Get that account set up.

6. Once your (1) online offer you completed credits to your CheckoutFree.com account (and you can check that account you just created in Step 5 for your status), you'll receive a third email with the subject line "Your $20.00 Cash Back Rebate". This will have the instructions for you to go ahead and order some yummy pizza from Pizza Hut Online within the next (30) days, then to send the confirmation email you receive from Pizza Hut Online to the email address included in the body of the email from CheckoutFree.

7. Once your online order confirmation from Pizza Hut is confirmed by CheckoutFree.com, you'll get one last email from CheckoutFree (#4) stating that they've processed your info and that your check will take 6-8 weeks.

8. That's it! Enjoy your pizza, wait for your $20.00 cash back check, and be sure to cancel your online offer before your free trial period ends!

Did any of you try this dealio for yourselves? If you did, please let me know your experiences or if I missed a critical step in my directions. Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us!

Now, it's time to get back to playing restaurant, racing cars, and doing (*gulp*) paper-mache projects with my kids. Wish me luck...or - at least - lots of java to keep me running through the rest of this week!

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