Weekly Savings Roundup: Week of March 30

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 4/04/2009 04:30:00 AM | | 2 comments »

I'm sharing my savings over at Money Saving Mom's weekly savings linkapalooza, Super Savings Saturday. Go link your deals and share your savings, too!

Well, this was a week of savings highs and lows; my daughter had strep throat and we made a trip to Target to get her meds (with my coupon I received in the mail for a $10 gift card with new RX).

While I was there, we picked up some sick food (juice, popsicles) and new toothbrushes for the gang (so the happy strep bac wouldn't jump from one of my kids to the next).

Spent: $9.50
Saved: Nada!

But then Tuesday came, and a trip to Kroger --- hello, P&G deal!! Hello, happy savings!

Spent: $59.80 (which includes the Iams for my pups, $13.99 after q's and P&G savings)
Saved: $47.74, or 45%

To see the full breakdown of the coupons I used, visit my Let's Go Krogering! post for this week. While you're there, visit some of the super deal hunting bloggers who linked their best finds from Kroger this week as well!

And if you haven't gone Krogering yet this week, click here for my printable Kroger Ad Matchup for the week of March 30 - April 5, Cincinnati Region. Grab your coupons and get your deals before they're gone!

Now, onto my couponing high for this week...back at Target!

My Frito-Lay/Pepsi coupons from last fall's rebate program came in the mail this week. It's a rare thing to have a $2.00 coupon for Pepsi 12 pks, and I put them to good use at Target this week. My trip:

Spent: $0.68
Saved: $27.45, or 97%
Earned: $5.00 gift card (when you buy (5) Pepsi 12pks @ $3.00 ea)

Along with the $2/Pepsi 12 pk coupons (I had 5 of these), I had (2) $1.00/1 Market Pantry item (making the fruit snacks $0.36 ea) and a $1.00/1 Archer Farms coupon (making the coffee $4.69).

And...I had the $10 gift card from the Rx I filled for my daughter on Monday. My cashier was so nice and impressed with how much I saved; so was I. Believe me, I was on a couponing high for the rest of the day after that trip!

I also hit Kroger again on Friday for some more fresh fruit, eggs, and cheese. No coupons, just in-store savings.

Spent: $13.49
Saved: $2.35, or 14%

Weekly Totals:

Spent: $83.47
Saved: $77.54, or 48%

I'm challenging myself to a weekly budget of $95 for April (or a monthly budget of $380); I hope to make it although I'm hosting Easter dinner and have three baskets of goodies to fill. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and my scissors ready for clipping!

I hope you saved big and met your own personal budget challenge this week. ;-)

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  1. Brenda // April 4, 2009 4:50 PM  

    I loved the Pepsi rebate coupons. I used mine at Target this week for dt. pepsi. Great trip.

  2. Marianne Thomas // April 6, 2009 6:54 PM  

    Brenda: Thanks!

    Those Pepsi rebate coupons were wonderful and perfectly timed for this sale.

    Take care!!