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The No Picture Edition of LGK!

I took advantage of the holiday yesterday to go Krogering with my daughter who's normally in school when I make my Kroger trip. It was nice to spend some time alone with just her and, as she gets ready to turn eight this summer, it's a good feeling to see her comparing prices in the store while we shop. I think it's important as parents to teach our kids to be savvy about money as soon as they're old enough to understand the difference between a quarter and a dime.

We were on our way to the pool right after I got home with our groceries, so no picture this week of my trip. I also took advantage of the extra day on last week's ad to grab some more of last week's deals, most notably the Smart Balance butter sticks ($0.99 with coupon) and Kraft Barbeque Sauce (FREE with doubled coupon).

My totals:

Spent: $64.51
Saved: $51.31 or 44%

My weekly Monday trips to Kroger have been pretty good this month, savings-wise, but I've also had several "drop-in" trips to Kroger this month as well. We've had SO many events and get-togethers and I've grabbed what we needed for those, trying to use whatever coupons I find in-store as well as the current sale to keep my totals low.

My point? I'm pretty sure I'm over my $400 target budget by a bit; I need to sit down with my receipts and get caught up on paperwork. And that's ok; there are some months on our yearly calendar that just require a bit more spending on groceries and May is most definitely one of them.

How did you do at Kroger this week? Link your deal post below and share what you know!

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