Summer Reading Programs for Kids with FREE Rewards!

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I *love* reading and it makes my mommy heart happy to see my kids love for books growing each day.

With summer almost upon us, I thought I'd share with you the summer reading programs for kids that our school's librarian rounded up and sent home. Be sure to do some googling for your town or city to see if you can find any summer reading programs offered by local booksellers or businesses.

Your Public Library

This is the most natural place to start; our town's library offers a great summer reading program each year with smaller prizes as the kids reach reading milestones and a t-shirt when they reach their goal.

To find your closest local library, click here.

Half Price Books

The summer reading program at Half Price Books is called Feed Your Brain; kids twelve years old and younger who read fifteen minutes a day can earn a $3.00 Half Price Books shopping card. This is good EACH week from June 1 - July 31, meaning your child could theoretically earn NINE $3.00 cards if you do this program every week.

Here's the sweet part. The books at Half Price Books are very inexpensive, meaning your cutie pie can get a lot of bang for those $3.00! Be sure to check the clearance racks first and ask your local Half Price Books store staff which weeks they'll be having big sale events this summer.

Click here to get all the details on the Feed Your Brain program.

Barnes & Noble

This program is for grades 1-6 and offers (1) FREE book from a *selection* of titles offered by Barnes & Noble (you have to pick a free book from the list they offer rather than from the whole store) when you child reads (8) books. There's a reading journal page you can print to log your child's books as they finish them.

This program runs from May 27 - September 7; click here to get the details on this program. There is a limit of (1) free book per child.


This reading program also targets younger readers; kids aged twelve and under can participate. When your child reads (8) books, they can purchase one of the items listed on the Border's Reading Challenge worksheet for 50% off (final cost of item will be $4.99).

This program runs from May 26 - August 31; click here for the details and to print the worksheet.

Montgomery Cyclery {Cincinnati locals!}

For my readers who live in the greater Cincy area, Montgomery Cyclery offers a Books for Bikes program/contest in the summer for children grades 1-8. For every book your child reads beginning May 26, you can fill out a form (available in-store or filled out online) for an entry into a weekly contest for bike locks, helmets, and accessories beginning July. The grand prizes, brand new bikes, will be drawn Labor day weekend; this program ends September 6.

Click here for details.

I *love* that my kiddos can earn FREE rewards for reading!

Do you know of any other great summer reading programs, either national or local, that offer freebies or rewards for children? Share what you know in a comment below! Thanks!

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  1. Lisa // May 28, 2009 10:12 AM  

    I love summer reading programs! A couple other programs are Reading Warriors and Scholastic Summer Challenge. You can find the details here on my summer reading list: http://revivingthefwords.blogspot.com/2009/05/summer-reading-programs.html

  2. Shannanb aka Mommy Bits // May 28, 2009 5:52 PM  

    I just did a post on summer reading programs too. Not only are they great for kids minds, but trips to the book store/library are great - free- ways to spend your day. Scholastic also has a summer reading program as well as Pizza Hut - which has Book It (my favorite from my childhood)

  3. Marianne Thomas // May 28, 2009 6:56 PM  

    Lisa: Thanks for sharing your link; it's always good to find more programs!

    Shannan: Yeah, already told my kiddos one day would be Half Price Books day! Love when I can fill the schedule like that and get freebies for the kiddos, too!

    Trying to get BookIt! at our school this fall...

    Thanks for commenting!