$5.00 Coupon for Eukanuba Puppy Food

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 6/19/2009 07:37:00 PM | , | 3 comments »

We love our dogs here at our house; we have two German Shorthaired Pointers, one who is fourteen and one who is just two. We give a lot of credit to Iams and Eukanuba for the longevity and good health of our older dog, Barnum. We feed our dogs exclusively Iams food; it's a bit spendier but since P&G bought Iams four years ago they've done a great job of rolling out coupons and deals to their consumers.

If you've got a new puppy in your life, you can enroll for a $5 coupon off Eukanuba puppy food right here. This is a mailed coupon but I've had great success in receiving mailed Iams/Eukanuba coupons within two or three weeks.

And just a side note because I believe in this so passionately - if you are looking to bring a dog into your family, please, please consider a rescue dog. You can visit your local shelter and help save a dog (or cat, or rabbit, or whatever -- we're canine-only here) and you can also search for specific breed rescue groups if you've got your heart set on a certain breed.

We adopted our two year old GSP, Brownie, from GSP Care of Ohio when he was just a puppy and he has matured into a wonderful dog. Don't get me wrong; he's still crazy in that GSP-crazy kind of way (his quirk is chasing shiny lights and shadows across the floor; my older GSP is afraid of flies) but that's par for the course with these dogs. He loves us dearly and is devoted to our kids - what more could you want from a dog?

This was our first GSP, Bailey (Barnum's litter-mate...and yes, they were quite a circus together!):

She passed away two years ago and we still miss her. She was the best dog ever - even with her sneaky pacifier thieving ways.

FYI: if you don't have a dog or a puppy in your home, you can still request that coupon above and donate it (or any food you get for cheap/free with it) to your local animal shelter. The economy and it's effect on families losing their homes means skyrocketing rates of pets being turned over to shelters by owners who simply can't afford to keep them. Any coupons or food you can offer your local animal shelter will be happily received.

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  1. nicole ohio // June 19, 2009 9:27 PM  

    this is probaly a stupid question but can you use this q on iams as well?

  2. Marianne Thomas // June 19, 2009 10:02 PM  

    nicole ohio: I don't have a copy of it in my hands to tell you for certain, but my past experience with Iams/Eukanuba coupons has been that they are very product specific.

    Hope that helps!

  3. nicole ohio // June 20, 2009 8:23 PM  

    okay thanks. I always buy Iams for our baby (puppy) and it is pricey but Im always trying to find coupons for it. thanks anyways.