Blessed Am I: The Chance to Change A Life

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 6/21/2009 03:00:00 AM | | 0 comments »

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This week, my Girl Scout Troop spent their days at a local Girl Scout Day Camp making Walking Tacos, S'Mores, and one heck of a muddy mess of themselves when they went creeking.

I spent a few years in Girl Scouts when I was young but stopped participating when I was in third or fourth grade. I remember bits and pieces of it (especially one spectacular spider that was in my platform tent one summer!) but I didn't stick with it long enough; I wish I had.

I volunteer to be our Troop leader because I want my daughter to have the chances I missed. I want her to love camping and the outdoors; I want her to unplug from the world and sing silly songs by the campfire. But mostly, I want her to have a place that is just for girls, a place where girls are celebrated and cheered and encouraged.

I don't always carry my volunteering duties gracefully; my hubs Knute can tell you about my momentary freak outs when I realize just how much work I've taken on as a Leader. It's one more thing to juggle and peeps? I'm barely catching all the balls I have in the air right now.

But this is one I just won't drop. These Girl Scouts of mine are all singularly wonderful people and I've watched so many of them come out of their shells and be more daring. The confidence they've gained is worth my late nights planning and organizing.

Girl Scouts always needs adult leaders. Every year, there are more girls than adults to lead them. If you've thought about becoming a leader, check out this link to see if it would work for you.

I hope you feel blessed in some way, big or small, this week!

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