Blessed Am I: Cheese Slices

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 6/28/2009 04:00:00 AM | | 0 comments ยป

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I know, I know - that post title is odd, but bear with me while I tell you a story...

On Friday, I was *supposed* to meet up with a couple of my local SW Ohio blogging buddies (hey-hey Amy and Jenny!) for some blogging chat while our kiddos wore themselves out for naptime played together.

Me and my three kids were on schedule to be there on time; we'd left VBS at noon and had headed home to grab lunch, wrangle the hounds in and out, and get our snacks packed for the meetup.

But as I sat them down for lunch, my youngest (a very mouthy bright and talkative three-and-a-half year old) hollered mentioned politely that there was no cheese on his plate.

He adores cheese slices.

I checked the refrigerator and found that *surprise!* we were out again; I headed down to the basement where we keep our extra refrigerator and where I knew I had at least one more pack stashed. When I opened the door, the light was off and the interior temperature was warmer than it should be.

Hmmm...I thought. I checked the breaker box and saw that the breaker for that outlet was tripped. That particular breaker also happens to be the one for our sump pump outlet.


I headed over to the sump well and wouldn't you know it? After the bad storms that rained down on us overnight on Thursday, the sump pump had shorted out and the water had risen to about two inches from floor level.

I grabbed the phone and started making calls to our home warranty company and the insurance company; my plans for our Bloggy Meetup of Awesomeness were scrapped but I really didn't care. I was just SO SO SO glad that I'd caught the sump pump failure before it flooded my basement with dirty water.

And that is why, my friends, I am grateful this week for my little boy's insatiable appetite for cheese. Crazy, I know, but without it, I would be dealing with one heck of a stressful - and expensive - mess.

I hope you feel blessed in some way, big or small, this week!

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