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Kroger Ad + Coupon Matchup (Cincy Region), June 15-21, 2009

Well, after my quick trip to snag some deals at Bigg's Triple/Double Coupon Days last week, I thought I wouldn't need much at Kroger this week.

Then I peeked in my refrigerator and remembered just how much food the not-so-little people that call me Mommy can pack away on a summer day; between playing and pool time and just plain growing, all three of my kiddos are eating up a storm lately.

So I decided to take advantage of some of the deals at Kroger this week to stock up; we also have games every night this week as well as day camp for my daughter so I wanted to be sure the pantry and freezer would be full.

My Kroger Trip, Monday, June 15, 2009:

{Not pictured: (5) Totino's Pizza Rolls + (1) Big Watermelon}

Spent: $111.36
Saved: $51.54 or 31%

I was really hoping to come in closer to $90 this week, but since I needed Zyrtec for my son as well as choosing to spend more on the stock up items, I ended up running 11% over my goal; add that to my splurging on deals at Bigg's and I'm about $35 over budget for the past two weeks.

And I'm not sweating it. Summer is here, the kids are eating and healthy, and the freezers and pantry are full. And there is always the blue-eyed hope that Kroger will finally reward us loyal shoppers with a big ol' Mega Sale that will send us scrambling for our coupons.

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