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*Revised 1:35 pm EST: Apologies, all. This post was scheduled to go live earlier this morning while I was gone; apparently, Blogger is having some hiccups this week with their scheduling function.*

Read my Kroger Ad Matchup post for this week (June 22-28) right here; the printable Google Doc version is right here.

Are you feeling the thrill of the deal for this week's Kroger Daytona 500 Sale Event? There are LOTS of great stockpiling opportunities; I talked a bit here about one strategy for maximizing your couponing power during a big sale event such as this one.

I made a quick run through our Kroger after spending the morning at VBS with my three kiddos; it was hot in our parish school (older school = no AC) and we were all hungry for lunch so I just grabbed a few things as we noshed on free cookies (thanks, Kroger!).

My Kroger Trip, Monday, June 22, 2009:

Spent: $17.13
Saved: $20.22, or 54%

No fancy-schmancy picture this week, just a quick shot of my counter. The Pulled Pork that was cooking in my slow cooker was super-yum and I always seem to have one or two washed Ziplok bags drying by my sink. ;-)

I grabbed milk ($1.75/gallon),strawberries ($2.48/2lbs, ground beef ($1.49/lb), Salad ($1.50), marked down rolls ($0.79), and (10) of the Daytona 500 Sale items; I'll be headed back to Kroger late this weekend for a stockpiling trip.

What deals did you find at Kroger this week? With this sale event, I'm betting some of you out there are racking up the savings! Link *your* Let's Go Krogering! post all week and help another reader save some $$!

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