June 26, 2009

Weekly Savings Roundup: Sales Galore!

There are so many great sale events going on this week!

First, I made a small trip to Kroger:

Spent: $17.13
Saved: $20.22 or 54%

I didn't get much at Kroger for my Let's Go Krogering! trip because I was waiting for the coupons I ordered from a clipping service to really shop the Daytona 500 Sale. And after checking out the deals at Meijer this week (find 'em here at MommySnacks), I decided to fill out my weekly shopping there late Monday night:

Spent: $63.84
Saved: $59.56, or 48%

The Meijer trip actually was (2) transactions; in the first, I purchased the (4) Kraft cheese as well as the marshmallows, the graham crackers, and the Hershey's bars - all with coupons, of course! That first transaction generated $5.00 in catalinas which I then used in addition to my other coupons in the second transaction for even more savings.

I made one more quick trip to Kroger for dishwasher detergent (horrors! no coupons!) and tape (my kids always find it from where I've hidden it and use it all) which was about $3.50 total.

Weekly totals:

Spent: $84.47
Saved: $79.78, or 48%

How'd you do this week? I hope you saved a bunch with your coupons, too! Be sure to shout out your best deals of the week over at Money Saving Mom's weekly linkup, Super Savings Saturday!