Despite my cheap frugal nature, I am not a pack rat; I hate clutter and I hate having stuff around the house - usually hiding in closets or in the basement - that we're not using and probably won't use sometime in the near future.

Clutter means more work to do when it comes to cleaning up and staying organized, and my friends, I have more than enough of that just keeping up with my three kids and two dogs!

One thing I do regularly to reduce the encroaching clutter is go through our clothes and the kids toys and donate to Goodwill. I prefer doing this than organizing a garage sale because I believe in what Goodwill is all about (helping to train and employ people who might not otherwise have a job plus offering quality items for sale at a very low cost) and I like that Goodwill gives me a receipt for my donated goods that I can use at tax time to add to my deductions. That's a win-win all around in my humble opinion!

I wanted to share with you a Back-to-School Clothing Drive that Family Circle is sponsoring beginning August 1 in conjunction with Goodwill. Click here to download the form; this is a GREAT idea for a community service project for your school or church if you're looking for ways to get kids involved in volunteering.

Go check it out, then start cleaning those closets out! You'll be glad you did once school (and the cuh-raziness of getting back into the school routine) rolls around!

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