I told you all a little bit ago about discovering a new online shopping rebate site, Shop at Home; if you shop online, you can sign up for a FREE account with them and get an instant $5.00 back. Then, the next time you're shopping online, you can shop your stores through their website and earn a certain percentage of your purchase back as cash. Woot!

Shop at Home had some great offers this Labor Day weekend; they doubled the percentage back on their "Daily Deal" store each day.

But it's TODAY'S Daily Deal that I want to tell you about - I'm loving this one!

Today, and today ONLY, you can get DOUBLE cash back if you sign up online through Shop at Home for Blockbuster Total Access.

Normally, the cash back for this FREE trial is $15...but today ONLY it's $30!

This is a FREE two week trial of Blockbuster Total Access, so be sure to note the date you'll need to contact Blockbuster (either online or in your local store) if you wish to cancel the service after the free trial period. And hey, you might just be a movie buff or a serious gamer (or mom to a teenager who is one of those) so keeping the Blockbuster Total Access subscription might be a smart choice for you!

Here's what to do:

1. Register here for a FREE account with Shop at Home. You'll be credited $5 as a new account registrant; I'll also get $5 in my account for referring you - thank you so much!

2. Once you've set your account up, click the tab at the top right (by your email address) that says "My Shop at Home". Right beneath that little header on the top right, you should see today's "Daily Deal" - a little newspaper icon followed by the link for today's deal; click there. If you don't see it there, click on "My Shop at Home" and then scroll down until you see the heading on the right side of the page that reads, "My Shop at Home News Feed" - beneath that heading, you should see a row of store logo buttons in a scroll box that are this week's Daily Deals.

3. Click on the Blockbuster button; you should land at a page titled "Today's Daily Deal" (there's a newspaper on the left side of the page). Today's Daily Deal is the $30 back when you register for Blockbuster Total Access, so click on the green "Shop Now" button and get registered at Blockbuster online. You will need to register with a credit card, so have that ready.

4. If you're planning on cancelling this free trial in two weeks, write down all the info you'll need like your account number, your login, your password, etc. Note the date you'll need to cancel (no later than September 22) and mark your calendar. If you visit the "My Account" page on Blockbuster online, you can find your account number; there's also a link under "Subscription Plan" where you can click to cancel.

Note that it can take up to 30 days for your cash back to be credited to your account; this is simply because they need to verify that you actually signed up for the service. There is a rebate inquiry form you can fill out after 30 days if you don't see your cash back credited.

Enjoy! I hope this hot deal from Shop at Home works for you, too!

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