Meal Plan Monday: Week 3 of My 5 Week Menu Plan

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Learn more about my 5 Week Menu Plan with my Q&A post right here.

It's Week 3 of 5 of my 5 Week Menu Plan and I have a stocked freezer - what a relief as the holiday weekend ends and the school year picks up it's usual busy pace!

I'm so glad I put together this 5 Week Menu Plan; it really has saved me a great deal of time and stress as I plan my shopping and cooking. And I'm finding that I have even more meals stocked in my freezer than I had planned which will come in handy when I build my next 5 Week Menu Plan.

Here's what's for dinner at my house this week:


Slow Cooker Taco Soup (It was yummy and I had lots left over to freeze - great soup for fall!)


Oven Baked Chicken (made double amount and froze extras in Week 1) with Mac-n-Cheese and veggies


Buttery Shrimp Pasta (I'm substituting chicken for the shrimp and adding fresh tomatoes from the garden) with salad and Homemade Bread




Meatball Subs (with meatballs I doubled and froze on Sunday of Week 2). french fries, and veggie sticks


Free night!


Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Grinny Beans and salad

My 5 Week Menu Plan (with recipe links) is posted right here (as a printable GoogleDoc) and embedded at the bottom is a link to Week 1's Grocery List, Week 2's Grocery List and this week, Week 3's Grocery List (all are also printable GoogleDocs).

The Week 3 Grocery List is very short because I'm beginning to use the extra meals I doubled and froze during Week 1 and Week 2. My crazy menu planning is paying off! Woot! ;-)

I'm not perfect (I've got big fat clay feet here, y'all) so be aware that a link could be haywire and that the Grocery Lists are basic guidelines; be sure to check the recipes and see what items you'd omit or add and adjust amounts for your family size.


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