November 30, 2009

Earn Money for Your School with CBLearn from Cincinnati Bell

Image courtesy of Cincinnati Bell

Our children's school just sent information about an easy new fundraiser for those families who already are Cincinnati Bell Customers called CBLearn.

The CBLearn program donates money to schools in the Cincinnati Bell customer area (Dayton, Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky) with the ultimate goal of building up the community they serve.

Here's the best part - it's FREE for you to donate if you're already a Cincinnati Bell customer (I am!) and you opt to sign up for eBill.

Since I don't need any of the new services they're offering (Post-Paid Wireless, Zoomtown, DirectTV, or Complete Protection) and just wanted to be sure our school received $10 for our account, I simply went to my online account for Cincinnati Bell and signed up for eBill. Easy and green - score!

Then, I hopped back over to the CBLearn site and filled out my registration, checking that yup, I do have a home phone number through Cincinnati Bell and yup again, I do receive eBill. I designated our children's school for the $10 donation - super easy.

I love when local companies find ways to give back to their communities and help me give locally and share with you to give back as well. ;-)

To register for CBLearn, click here.

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