November 15, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: My Latest 5 Week Menu Plan!

Learn more about my 5 Week Menu Plan with my Q&A post right here.

I've not had a chance to share my latest 5 Week Menu Plan with all of you until now but rest assured, I have one and have been using it since 11/01. For a quick look at the dinners I have planned for my family through 12/05/09, click here.

You'll see that this latest 5 Week Menu Plan is just a simple list of what I planned for our dinners with no recipe links. I've got Thanksgiving dinner on the mind (I am Queen of the Turkey for the 6th year in a row!) and I'm trying to be as efficient with my time as possible. Apologies if you were looking for recipe links; I'll try to add them to my weekly posts!

Here's what's for dinner at my house this week:




Awesome Pot Roast with egg noodles and steamed veggies


Beef Enchiladas (using leftovers from Tuesday)


Tomato Chicken Parmesan over buttered noodles with salad and breadsticks


Bacon Wrapped Mexican Hot Dogs (guilty pleasure!), black bean quesadillas, and salad


Free Night! (I have an event with my Girl Scout Troop.)


Meatball Subs, Grinny Beans, Salad, Veggie Sticks

Don't forget to hop on over to the linkeroony at Meal Plan Monday hosted by to drop your meal plan post and surf the links for ideas!

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FindSavings said...

Thanks for posting. That is a great idea coming up with meals ahead of time. I just do mine the day before I am going shopping and plan for the week. It would be more efficient if I came up with ideas weeks ahead of time.