November 28, 2009

Super Savings Saturday: My November Spending/Savings Totals

At the end of October, I set a big goal (or a small one, depending on how you look at it) of spending only $250 in November for all of our groceries, household products, paper goods, and OTC medicines.

I tracked all my spending and savings so I could tally up my totals - see how high-tech I was?

I know, I know - I could use a spreadsheet like this one but the envelope system works for me. And that's the key to success with any personal financial program, budget, or goal - do what works for you.

So...drum roll are my final totals for November's spending:

Spent: $313.28
Saved: $466.12, or 60%

I missed my goal by $63 but given that I hosted Thanksgiving here at our home again this year, I think I did well. I should have adjusted my original goal to include extra spending for the big feast.

I think it's important to see just how much I saved simply because it tells you how far I stretched my dollars. For every $1.00 I spent, I brought home about $2.50 worth of products after coupons and sales. Not too shabby!

Going forward into December, I'm readjusting my goal to $300 for the month or about $75/week. Since my weekly average was $78/week in November and since I don't believe I'll be hosting any Christmas dinners for our family next month, I think this is a totally reachable - maybe even beatable - goal.

What do I hope you, my fine readers, take away from all these numbers? Simply what is possible - that you can drastically cut your household budget through the use of strategic couponing and therefore keep more money in your pocket. Whatever your long-term or short-term financial goals may be, having more money saved in your household budget will help you get there a little sooner.

If you're new to couponing in general or to this blog, you can read some of my key posts to get started on your savings journey. And it really is a journey - you need to give yourself time to learn the ropes and find your way to what works for you and your family.

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Have a great weekend, everyone! Love you all!

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