Christmas is Upon Us

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 12/14/2009 05:57:00 PM | , , | 0 comments ยป

And I, for one, keep reminding myself that it's not about the deals, the sales, or the great gifts you can found for pennies for all the ones you love on your list.

It's about the gift we all have been given - a Savior for the world.

I've been busy this weekend with family Christmas gatherings and the yearly Christmas show at our school; I'll be posting here a bit this week and next but it won't be my first priority.

My first priority is remembering that the holiness of that night so long ago is still with us. We are all called to celebrate the real meaning of Christmas and to carry the message of God's love with us into the world.

Do you have a post about how you celebrate the real meaning of Christmas with your family, either when you were a just a kid or now as the "official" grown-up? Please feel free to share your post url below. I think a little Christmas Linkup would be a good thing, don't you? ;-)

I'll make a little badge for this post; feel free to grab the code if you want to display it and spread the word. And I'll keep the MckLinky open until January 6, 2010. Extra gold stars to whomever knows why I picked that date! ;-)

The button:

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And below, my dear friends, is simply the best Christmas song ever. I promise you that I cannot hear this song without wiping a tear or two from my eyes. At Knute's Christmas party last week (Big Giant Corporation held it here and it was awesome fun for the kiddos), there was an a capella group who sang this. I don't think I was the only one getting smudgy eyes. I hope it moves you as well.

Thanks for sharing - I love you all!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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