Weekly Savings Roundup | Stocking Up at Target & Walgreens!

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Oh my - I sure hope you had a chance to grab some of the great deals this week at Walgreens and Target!

If your family is nutso for crackers like mine, there are some great opportunities to stockpile Nabisco crackers at Walgreens (buy 5/$10, get $3 RRs) and Cheez-Its at Target (buy 5/$10, get a $5 Gift Card).

And if you need contact lens solution (both my hubs and I wear 'em), you just can't beat the deal at Wags - buy a 2pk of Renu for $9.99, earn $9.99 RRs. Even without the coupon matchups, it's a steal of a deal!

My trip to Walgreens on Friday, 12/11

Transaction #1 (on the left)
Spent: $2.62
Saved: $31.37, or 92%

Transaction #2 (in the middle)
Spent: $0.97
Saved: $40.46, or 98%

Transaction #3 (on the right)
Spent: $5.68
Saved: $21.56, or 79%

And I walked out of Walgreens with $17 in RRs to roll over next week! Woot!

If you're wondering about what to do with the Touch of Gray for Men, I donate these to Goodwill for them to sell in their store.

For all the coupon matchups for the deals I grabbed at Walgreens, click here and here or check my $1 Deals tab in my header.

Don't forget that there are several rebates out there for some of these products; I listed a few with links to the printable rebate forms right here.

Wondering how on earth you can save like this at Walgreens, too? Read my post How to Save BIG at Walgreens. Feel free to ask questions in the comments, too. ;-)

Here are my weekly totals for all my stocking up trips around town. It's amazing what those little coupons and store rebates can do!

Spent: $105.53
Saved: $191.40, or 65%

I hope you saved a bunch this week, too! Check out all the savings found my super-smart bloggers this week at the weekly linkup over at Money Saving Mom. ;-)

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  1. The Prudent Patron // December 12, 2009 2:05 PM  

    Great job, Makes me want to head out to Walgreens!

  2. Lily // December 15, 2009 12:25 PM  
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