I received an this question in an email from fabulous reader Dorene:

Do you know of anyplace that if you don't use certain coupons you can send them there and someone else can use them? Most weeks, I end up recycling about 1/2 the coupons I have because I won't ever use them (or those products)..or I let them expire and throw them away..I'd rather give them to someone if they can use them.

One GREAT way to pass along coupons you know you won't ever use or coupons that have recently expired is to send them to an overseas US Military family. Many commissaries/PX's (base grocery stores) accept manufacturer coupons up to six months after the expiration date.

This one is near and dear to my heart; once upon a time, I was a Navy wife who learned how to save big bucks at the PX with coupons. But for me, it was more of a money-saving game (I'm such a math geek) than a financial necessity; during our Navy years, we were dual-income, no kids. However, there were many military families who struggled financially; coupons helped them stretch their dollars.

Some basic guidelines in preparing your coupons to send overseas:

:: Only send Sunday insert coupons or manufacturer coupons (no printables).

:: Clip the coupons to minimize the weight of the total package.

:: Sort the coupons into two categories: FOOD and NON-FOOD. Pack the two categories into separate storage bags for easy shipment.

Who and where to send them?

If you have a family member or friend who is stationed overseas at a base that accepts expired coupons, that person could be your point of contact.

If not, there are several bases that accept the expired coupons and make them available to needy families or make them available in the PX. There are times that these bases can get overwhelmed by the number of coupons they receive so before collecting a HUGE amount of coupons from your clipping buddies to send overseas, you may want to contact the base and ask what their coupon needs are.

For current addresses of overseas US military bases accepting expired coupons (this is a constantly updated list, so bookmark the link for future reference) as well as more information about shipping your coupons overseas, click here.

Thanks for the great question and email, Dorene! ;-)


  1. Dorene // February 1, 2010 12:47 PM  

    Thanks for letting me know..I'll go through mine this week and see what I can send them.

  2. Together We Save // February 1, 2010 7:16 PM  

    Thanks for the reminder. I have sent mine off before but not in awhile.