What I Saved at the Stores | Week 15 of 2010

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Each Saturday, I detail what I spent and saved at the stores; this weekly post is my way of keeping myself on track for my weekly budget goals in 2010.

I hope that by sharing what I saved, you'll be inspired to keep couponing week in and week out.  Over time, your stockpile of high-use items for your family will grow and your total weekly bill will keep coming down, down, down!

What I Saved at the Stores: Week 15 (April 5-11)

It was a BUSY week here. I had my very first speaking engagement on my schedule (I'll share that with you later - promise!), a kitchen to paint (done, but still needs cleanup and touchup), and my youngest came down with the weirdest viral rash in the history of the Thomas family (oy!).

I grabbed the deals, though, and was able to mostly because although this week was cuh-RAZY, my hubs took a few days off to do work in the kitchen (not only did we paint, he repaired and re-textured a crack in the ceiling - go Knute!). With his help getting the big kids to school and because my youngest (Mr. Itchy) could just stay home and "help" Daddy, I was able to get some of the better deals this week.

But my house is a MESS! Time to get things back in order before Monday smacks me upside the head! ;-)

Here's the breakdown of Week 15 of 2010:

Kroger (04/15)
(The coupons I ordered arrived - WOOT!  Peanut butter, anyone?)

Spent: $9.19
Saved: $28.51 (75%)
Earned: (1) FREE movie ticket w/Digital Choice promotion
(Coupons used: $0.60/1 Skippy, RP 03/28, $1.00/1 Boulder Canyon Chips, Coupons.com, $1.00/2 Kraft, store coupon, FREE Taster's Choice Sticks, Kroger catalina)

Aldi (04/12)
(Milk was still $1.29/gal! WOOT!)

Spent: $43.32
Saved: $0.00

Walgreens (04/13)

(I also picked up my FREE 8X10 from the deal available Friday, 4/9 - hope you got yours!
The cookies were for my Girl Scout meeting.)

Spent: $1.97 + $10 RRs
Saved: $15.80 (89%)
Earned: $4.50 RRs
Meijer (4/14)
(Read more about this trip here.)

Spent: $66.05
Saved: $96.73 (59%)
Earned: $10 prepaid MC for buying $25 in P&G products

Weekly Totals

Saved: $141.04 (58%)

OUCH!  I am OVER budget by $40 (or 50%) this week.  But given the opportunity to re-build my simple stockpile (my freezer was just about empty), I took it.  This is why I have a firm monthly goal of $320 for my budget with a weekly target of $80; because I'm willing to be flexible, I can stockpile during the weeks when the deals are best and spend more then I might normally.

Of course, this doesn't mean I get to blow my budget altogether.  I've got about $30 left for the month so I'll be challenging myself next week to use what's on hand and just buy the fresh items I need (plus any super awesome freebie or cheabie coupon deals I can squeeze out of that $30).  And since I've got a LOT on hand, that shouldn't be a problem.   ;-)   

If you're new to the fabulous world of keeping more of your hard earned money in your pockets by strategic couponing and drugstore shopping, I encourage you to read these posts to help you get started.

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You can save like this, too!  In fact, I know you can do this; if you're surfing the web reading this site and others like it, you can learn all you need to know. 

If you have any questions, please ask in a comment!  I love to share what I know about couponing and saving money with you -- it's why I write this site.  ;-)

Did you save big this week at the stores? Be sure to link your post up over at Money Saving Mom's weekly linkup, Super Savings Saturday.

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  1. Betsy Madison // April 17, 2010 9:52 AM  

    I believe I remember reading in your blog that your Kroger will bonus coupons over .50 to make a total of $1.00 off. Do you know if this is a store by store policy? There's not much competition here in our town and our Kroger doubles up to .50. From .55 on, it's face value only.

  2. Marianne Thomas // April 19, 2010 10:14 AM  

    Betsey Great question.

    Kroger store coupon policies do differ by region. I'm in the Cincinnati region where coupons are doubled up to a maximum doubled value of $1.00.

    Your best bet is to determine which region you're in by calling Kroger customer service; you can also ask them at that time what the coupon redemption policy is for your region.

    Also, you can ask at the customer service desk at your Kroger as well.