I just received this email and wanted to pass it along to any of you fabulous readers here in the greater Cincinnati area.

AIM (Assistance in Marketing) is looking for men and women from 25-39 years of age who have used a professional lawn service in the last 12 months, either a local service or a national chain.

This looks to be a 90 minute focus group at their Montgomery Road facility that will take place on Thursday, 5/13 and pays $75.

If you meet the basic qualifications for this study, call (513) 683-6600 and ask for Larry.

If you've never participated in a market research study before (either a focus group in person or an online bulletin board) they are a nice way to make a little extra money for simply sharing your honest opinion. As someone who has an opinion about *everything*, I've enjoyed the ones that I've been a part of in the past. ;-)

Enjoy - and pass this post along to anyone you know who might be interested! ;-)