Changing Our Ways | Will Your "New" Frugal Stick?

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 5/07/2010 03:30:00 AM | | 0 comments ยป

I stumbled across two interesting articles this week about frugal living, penny pinching, and how the recession has changed our attitudes.

This one about penny pinching caught my eye as did this one about frugality outliving the recession.

The first article points out that you can save money on one thing but still be spending too much elsewhere, thus making no real progress. Penny pinching (giving up your $4 latte or lunch out, for example) will save you money but if you don't have an overall plan or larger goal for your financial health, that money you save may just end up spent somewhere else.

My take? Pinch those pennies for a purpose, one that you hold near and dear, a goal that has deep meaning for you. If you aren't emotionally invested in your money saving goals, staying committed will be difficult.

The second article I did really like because, hey! That's my attitude! No matter what happens with this economy, no matter what happens with our personal financial situation and health, I have so thoroughly changed the way I shop and spend money everyday that I cannot imagine ever going back to the Land of Retail and Full Price.

Couponing has created a pardigm shift for me - truly, once I realized just how much buying power I could create with coupons coupled with sales and store rebate programs, it was an epiphany. I can do this. I will do this.

Recession or not, my ways have changed for the better and my "new" frugal will stick for good.

How about you? Is your "new" frugal a new way of life?