I just clicked over to my Shop at Home account because I was planning on buying a few things at Kohls.com (using coupon codes, of course!) and I saw this little *gem* of a FREEbie.

If you have a Shop at Home account and you have the Shop at Home toolbar installed to your computer, you can register for a FREE movie ticket at their Facebook Fan Page. Ticket codes will be emailed 5/13 and can be used 5/14-16.

If you don't have a Shop at Home account yet, this is a great time to start one. Remember, you'll get $5 deposited in your account just for signing up and then every time you shop online through your account, you'll receive cash back on your purchases (different percentages for different retailers). When your account reaches $20, you get paid!

Click here to get your Shop at Home account started; remeber, you'll need to add their toolbar to your computer.

Click here for the FREE movie ticket promo at their Facebook Fan Page if you already have the toolbar.


*Disclosure: The link to Shop at Home is my personal referral link for the tell-a-friend bonus; for more about my disclosure policy, click here.


  1. Anonymous // May 6, 2010 5:47 PM  

    How safe is the "shop at home" website. I read that they share info with 3rd parties and cannot guarantee their privacy policies. Also you have to use their toolbar. Does this slow down your computer? Mine is slow enough already. However I am always looking for a good deal so am very interested.

  2. Marianne Thomas // May 6, 2010 7:09 PM  

    Anon: Thank you for sharing that info - I know many people are rightfully concerned about privacy/3rd party issues.

    I do have the toolbar installed on mine and it runs well but I have a newer computer and I run scans, etc, on it frequently.

    All that said, I have enjoyed Shop at Home (and other rebate sites) because I do quite a bit of shopping online (it's easy) and it's nice to get the cash rebates.

    Bottom line: no deal is worth it if you don't like the terms (ie: privacy policies, etc). Peace of mind is priceless.

    Thanks for commenting!