May 8, 2010

Stamp Out Hunger & Couponing for Community | Every Bit Helps!

Have you donated this week as part of Couponing for Community? If you haven't yet and you've got extras to spare from your pantry, you can bag 'em up and give them to your letter carrier today as part of Stamp Out Hunger.

Here's what's headed out to my mailbox:

And it's waiting by the front door for tomorrow:

You can add your picture or a link to your donation post at the Couponing for Community Facebook page here. I scrolled through the pictures and DUDE! Some of you couponistas are donating TONS of stuff! What a huge blessing to your community!

You can also link your post here at ChaChing on a Shoestring.  ;-)

Don't worry if you don't have 70 boxes of cereal to donate; I sure don't! This isn't a contest - every little bit that's donated helps. And if you make donating a bag or so a week a new habit (my personal goal), you can help your community year round and bless others with your mad coupon skillz. ;-)

Enjoy giving a little (or a lot) back today!


Kathy said...

I am so encouraged by your giving!!

Audra said...

Awesome! Giving is so much fun! I can't wait to build up my stockpile to give again!