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Posted by Marianne Thomas | 5/05/2010 07:07:00 AM | | 1 comments »

I want to take a moment and point you to some amazing bloggers who are on a mission trip this week in the Dominican Republic with World Vision, a Christian organization that helps the desperately poor children in other countries have a chance at life by matching them with sponsors.

Want to learn more about sponsorship? Click here.

We sponsor a child through Compassion, a similar organization. He lives in Uganda and I've spent two years watching him grow and change in his pictures while I read the letters he sends us. It's not very much money ($38/month) but it's worth every penny.

For an vlog introduction by the bloggers who are in the DR this week, click here.

And if you've ever wondered what trying to survive poverty in a third world country is like for children, read this post. I warn you, you will be shaken to your core (I was) - I hope you let that moment of utter shock inspire you to do something.

One last thing - with Mother's Day around the corner, why not reconsider the flowers, the chocolates, the brunch or dinner out at a restaurant and instead make a one time gift to either World Vision or Compassion in honor of your mother?

Just a thought. ;-)

Have a blessed day!


  1. Andrea // May 10, 2010 11:31 AM  

    Mare, thanks for this post!!! I truly appreciate your support!