July 19, 2010

My Coupon Savings 2010 Challenge | How Much Have YOU Saved with Coupons in 2010? {Share Your Link!}

I was avoiding the laundry hopping through my Google Reader when this post (rebutting the Yahoo! Personal Finance article that tries to make the argument that coupons are just a waste of time) by my friend Andrea (the mastermind behind Mommy Snacks) caught my eye.

Be sure to read Andrea's rebuttal because she nails every point; if you've been couponing with any amount of dedication for a while now, you'll likely find yourself nodding your head as you read it. 

So, I got to thinking about how much I've saved this year alone with my humble little coupons.  I have a *very* high-tech system of tracking all my spending and receipts - see?

I know, I know - my envelope system is a *stunning* display of awesomeness, isn't it? 8-) As much as I like a good spreadsheet, I like using envelopes to track my grocery/drug store receipts better because I like to save my receipts for any rebates that might pop up in the future.

So, I got to thinking about how misinformed the article on Yahoo! is and how it might make someone who is new to couponing think, "Gee, guess it's not worth it after all."

Strategic couponing and shopping comes down to understanding couponing basics as well as understanding how to best utilize the drug store rebate programs like the CVS Extra Care Bucks and Walgreens Register Rewards to pay as little out of pocket as possible.

Is it an investment of your time? Yes, it is, but so is searching for and working a part-time job to earn extra money (and a part-time job out of the home creates a long list of stresses on your time and your time is your most valuable, non-renewable resource). I look at my time invested in couponing (and with the wealth of information available online and in the blogosphere, I don't have to invest very much time at all) as *very* part-time job that pays me *very* well.

Bottom line: Any money I'm saving on my groceries, drug store items, and household items for my family of five (as well as dog food for our GSPointer Brownie) means more money we then have available for other things that are financial priorities.

I'd rather work for myself by couponing than try to juggle a part-time job out of the home at this point in my life as a mother.

So, how much have I saved so far this year?

From January 1, 2010 - July 18, 2010 (28 weeks), I've saved $2715 with coupons.

Since I spent $2448 over that same time period, I've saved 52%. My weekly average spent is $87 while  my weekly average saved is $97.  

Strategic couponing works.  

Now, let's make this fun, shall we?  8-)

I know I'm not the only numbers nerd out there who tracks their weekly spending and savings with coupons and deals.  Here's how to participate in the My Coupon Savings Challenge 2010:

1.  Grab your envelopes or spreadsheet or ledger - whatever you use - and tally up how much you spent and saved so far this year.  I know many of you out there will *blow* my numbers out of the water.

2.  Post your 2010 savings on your blog and feel free to share your thoughts about strategic couponing or how couponing has altered your financial health/financial outlook/personal situation.

3.  Come back here and drop the permalink (directly to your post) in the MckLinky below.

4.  Please be sure to link to my original post (grab the permalink right here) in your post.  I appreciate it!

This linky will be open through December 31, 2010 so please feel free to come back later and enter your post url. I'll add a link to this post in my sidebar as well.

Let's share our savings and inspire others!

Psst...if you want to add the button to your post, that would be just peachy.   Grab your code below:


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Laura Webber said...

I keep my tally along my right sidebar on my blog (sharpenyourscissors.net)

YTD: $1,244.70 spent
$4,546.06 saved

Wa-hoo for coupons and spending wisely!