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A big thank you to Money Saving Mom for pointing me to this awesome deal - one I wanted to be sure you knew about, too!

Amazon has a great new program for moms and caregivers, Amazon Mom.  You can get substantial savings on diapers as well as FREE Prime Shipping for the first 3 months.

I've been fortunate enough to have participated in another free Prime Shipping offer from Amazon in the past; what I like about it (besides the whole FREE thing) is that there is no minimum order amount necessary for free Amazon Prime shipping. You want an chocolate bar for $0.50 and that's it? Amazon Prime ships it to you in 2 days, no problem.  Nice!

Also, I shop Amazon quite a bit for birthday gifts and Christmas gifts and the season of making those lists is upon me. The majority of our family birthdays fall in the next few months so having access to free Amazon Prime shipping means I'll start hopping through the daily deals and sales at Amazon in hopes of lucking out on a hot deal.

FYI, If you're not a mom but you are a dad or the primary caregiver of a child, you're also eligible for this offer, too; be sure to read through the FAQs for all the details.