New Weekly Posts | FREE with Q's

Posted by Marianne Thomas | 10/14/2010 06:34:00 AM | | 0 comments »

I know many of you out there reading this blog and other deal blogs don't have time to actually grab the best deals until the weekend.  I thought it would be useful to you super busy moms who do it all (work, raise kids, and couponing - my hat is off to you superwomen) to have a list of what's FREE with Q's (coupons) at the grocery stores and drug stores each week.

 FREE with Q's means you can either stockpile those items your family will use or you can add more to your donation box (and bless others) without adding cost to your family's budget.

I'll be running FREE with Q's on Thursdays, and will run both a Grocery Store post and a Drugstore post.

Please note that the Drugstore post will include items that may be FREE with Q's after you calculate the impact of Register Rewards (Walgreens), ECBs (CVS), or Single Check Rebates/UP Rewards (Rite Aid) on your overall total. 

For those of you who are not yet familiar with how to work the deals at the drugstores, I will link to tutorials for each drugstore in the FREE with Q's | Drugstore post.  While working the deals at the drugstores is a bit trickier, it's worth mastering because you can drastically lower your overall budget by getting/stockpiling drugstore items for free or for pennies of the original price.

Thoughts?  Questions?  Leave 'em in a comment below and thanks in advance for sharing.  I'll be checking in.  ;-)