January 15, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | January 15, 2011, Edition #3

I subscribe to several (LOTS) of blogs in my Google Reader because it's the easiest way to keep up-to-date with information I need like ad matchups, coupons, and deals.

Using Google Reader also gives me the chance to hop through recent posts at different blogs and read what catches my eye. Whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare in the kitchen (which is where my laptop sits on the counter), I scroll through and read a bit of this or a snippet of that.

There are always a few posts that stick with me and make me think - and those posts aren't always personal finance/coupon posts, either. My mind wanders down interesting and scenic side paths pretty easily. ;-)

I thought I'd capture some of those interesting posts in a weekly roundup on Saturdays so you could explore them, too. If you find yourself with a few minutes of leisure to surf on the weekends while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), feel free to wander through this list of posts and spend some time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.

Oh, and yes, I did make a catchy little graphic to go with this new Saturday post series. I am a *fool* for a good graphic!! ;-)


:: Here's a great recipe for DIY Homemade Dishwasher Detergent at Kingdom First Mom. I've wanted to give this a try myself so I'm really glad Alyssa posted an honest review of how it worked for her. Sounds like it's worth trying!

:: I liked this post about Finding Originality for Your Blog at Savvy Blogging. I gotta be me, I gotta be me - you all can sing along. ;-) All joking aside, there's room for everyone at the infinite table that is the blogosphere but if you want people to listen to what you're saying, you gotta be you.

:: The Happy Housewife points out that Borrowing Instead of Buying is sometimes the smartest money decision you can make for small projects. I know some auto stores (maybe Auto Zone) have programs where you can rent high-level tools to do simple repairs to your car.

:: Fear: it holds us back; it makes us doubt; it sometimes rules the roost. Which is why this post from The Simple Dollar about Turning Fear Into Joy caught my eye. Don't ignore your fears and put your head in the sand - use that fear to motivate you.

:: Winter storms can mean power outages. Wise Bread has a list of 20 Things to Have on Hand in a Power Outage, some I've got (batteries) some I don't (french coffee press). As a Girl Scout leader, you'd think I'd be better prepared! ;-)

Enjoy your weekend!