January 22, 2011

Coffee & Clicks | January 22, 2011, Edition #4

Welcome to Coffee & Clicks, my weekly roundup of posts from my Google Reader that caught my eye, that made me think, and that just made me laugh. 

Using Google Reader saves me oodles of time; with a few clicks, I can hop through all my fave blogs to get the critical coupon & deal info I use to save big $$.  But whenever I find myself with a few minutes to spare in the kitchen (which is where my laptop sits on the counter), I also like to scroll through and read for pleasure.

Coffee & Clicks is my way of sharing those interesting posts with you.  If you find yourself with a few minutes of leisure to surf on the weekends while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), feel free to wander through this list of posts and spend some time reading, reflecting, and relaxing.


:: This post about how Personal Finance Books Are Keeping You Poor over at Five Cent Nickel was absolutely right on the money, imho (I know, I know - what a pun!).  All humor aside, Neale Frankle gets to the core of the issue - the negative feedback behavior cycle that you simply must break free from if you're going to make any type of life-altering change in your life.   Creating real changes in your life takes old-fashioned (and sometimes painful) hard work.

:: My friend Carrie over at Carrie's Cooking shared her grocery trip this week; I loved her line, "Some of my friends that I know outside of the world of the web have learned that I feed my family of four with a budget of $60 a week," only because I can imagine she gets the same reaction I get when I tell people my budget for our family of five is $80 a week - looks of utter disbelief.  ;-)  All it takes is a little menu planning, some blog hopping, and a fistful of coupons....!

:: Make life's lemons into lemonade...or use those lemons in over 55 Green Uses around the house as listed by Coupon Sherpa.  Who knew?!

:: I loved this post from Mom Advice about The Power of Living Small and not just because I want Amy's office.  Smaller can be better - it's all about blooming where you're planted.  ;-) 

:: Last, if you can spare a moment of prayer, please hop over and read about E, a friend of Jenny at Mommin' It Up, who has faced both a cancer diagnosis this week as well as surgery; E is being prayed for by folks all over the country thanks to the power of social media. 

Enjoy your weekend!