January 19, 2011

CREATE | January 2011 DIY Project: Custom Fitted T-Shirt, Part 2 of 3 {Vlog}

Last week, I shared with you my second CREATE post of 2011 & vlog where I talked about my plans to custom fit a t-shirt.

Once I actually got the t-shirt on, however, I saw that what it needed was a little fitting through the neck & shoulders, not through the sides.

Here's this week's In 80 Seconds vlog from *yours truly* talking about how I tailored the t-shirt and my final plans for January 2011 DIY sewing project.  Why yes, I do feel as tired as I look - I shot this about midnight last night.  ;-)

Little Birdie Secrets has a fantastic fabric rosette tutorial here. Make sure you check out the links at the bottom of the post for more posts on making rosettes. Some great ideas!

If you're crafty enough (I wish I was) Craft Stylish has an amazing example of how to hand embroider a t-shirt right here. So beautiful.

Be sure to check out In 80 Seconds over at Savings Lifestyle this week. Be bold in 2011 - create and add your *own* quick tip vlog to the weekly linkup!