January 12, 2011

CREATE | January 2011 DIY Project + In 80 Seconds Vlog

Last week, I shared with you my first CREATE post of 2011 which also included my first In 80 Seconds (plus another 150 seconds or so, lol!) vlog detailing my plans to create a sewing nook in my basement before I embarked on my first CREATE project this year.

With the snow day yesterday and today, I've had some time to finish organizing my sewing area. I'm sure as I use it in 2011, I'll continue organizing it to be more efficient; right now, I'm letting go of "perfect" and just jumping into getting things done. ;-) 

Here's what my sewing area looks like:

And the most important part (at least, for my chilly toes!):

I got that little space heater ages ago at Walgreens - in fact, it was of the last Easy Saver Rebate items I remember buying before they ended that program.  It's mighty useful!

Here's this week's In 80 Seconds vlog from *yours truly* talking about what I'm tackling for my January 2011 DIY sewing project.  Yes, that is my fantastic messy unfinished basement behind me.  ;-)

I only went only over the time limit by 10 seconds this week. WOOT!

Here's the link to the directions you'll need if you want to try this project at home, too. This is one you can either machine sew or hand sew. 

How to Make a T-Shirt Fit Better at Pick Up Some Creativity

Be sure to check out In 80 Seconds over at Savings Lifestyle this week. Be bold in 2011 - create and add your *own* quick tip vlog to the weekly linkup!


Andrea @ SavingsLifestyle said...

Well, since you live close enough I may have to bring you some of my shirts :) Or, I guess I should watch and learn... hmph!! Thanks for linking up this week!

newmami_rgv said...

I'll be sure to tune in next week!
CJR @ The Mommy Blog