January 20, 2011

Upcoming Kroger Mega Event 01/24/11 - 01/30/11 | Kraft, Oscar Mayer Products!!

Attention Kroger shoppers! Time to get your coupons ready for next week because Kroger will be running a new Mega Event sale Monday, 01/24/11 - Sunday, 01/30/11. WOOT!

This Mega Event features lots of Oscar Mayer & Kraft brand items so there are LOTS of stockpiling opportunities. Yay!

To get a look at the early ad matchup, click here (thanks so much, Stockpiling Moms!).

These Mega Events *usually* run for (2) weeks, so I would expect that this sale will repeat the week of 01/31/11-02/6/11 as well.  You'll be able to confirm this once you're in store come Monday, 1/24/11 - just check the little Mega Event tags under the participating products for the sale end date.

Also, be sure to check in store for the little note card/index card flier for this Mega Event - it will have the *full* list of participating products on it. Those unadvertised items and their coupon matchups will start popping up on the blogs come Monday so be sure to check your Google Reader for sale updates, too.

Remember, these Mega Event sales offer excellent stockpiling opportunities if you have additional coupons; be sure to order additional coupons (this is my fave coupon clipping service) soon so you'll get the coupons you need.

Oh Kroger - I big fat puffy {heart} all the many ways you help me save money!!

Have fun getting more deals, my couponista friends!! ;-)


Stockpiling Mom said...

Thanks for the link :-)

Mandee said...

This is wonderful! Thanks!
I am a new fan and look forward to reading your posts. :) I am just getting started and learning the whole coupon thing. With a family of 7 I could use all of the help I can get! Feel free to stop by sometime http://raisingmy5sons.com