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March 16, 2011

Amazon Subscribe & Save Deals | A Useful Alternative to Couponing

About three months ago, I discovered Amazon Subscribe & Savedeals for groceries, household products, paper products - pretty much anything I could buy in-store with coupons.

The beauty of Amazon Subscribe & Saveis that you save 15% off your bulk order by opting for a Subscribe & Save subscription with FREE delivery every month or every two months or so. Delivery is always FREE with S&S.  If you don't have much time or patience for couponing or trips to the stores or if you live somewhere where there are few store choices, Amazon Subscribe & Save may be a more time-effective choice for you to stockpile the necessities that your family needs and uses.

Here's the best part, IMHO: as soon as your order ships, you can go into your Amazon account and cancel the subscription if you choose to do so. 

For me, this means I can fill in the gaps in my stockpile during times when those items aren't on sale at the stores or there are few or no coupons for those items. I always consider the bottom line of the cost of a S&S deal before I buy: the final unit price per item after S&S discount and any additional coupon codes. If it's equal to or lower than what I would pay in store with a sale or a coupon AND I really need the item for our pantry AND I don't foresee an in-store sale/coupon deal coming up soon, than it's one I'll grab.

And yes, I did say "coupon codes" for Amazon - those can be hard to come by, I know! However, there are currently several additional discounts on Amazon Subscribe & Save itemsthis March that can save you up to 40% off on your order. Those savings are in addition to the already standard 15% off plus FREE shipping on every Amazon Subscribe & Save order meaning you really can save BIG!  These coupon codes change monthly so there's always a new deal just around the corner.

I like to browse the specials on coffee and teain Amazon Subscribe & Save because I am a java junkie and running out of coffee at my house is not an option! However, paying full price for a good cuppa joe isn't an option, either; there's nothing more frustrating than to pay full price for good coffee in store because my stockpile is empty and there are no current store deals or coupons.

Other ways you can save using Amazon Subscribe & Save?

:: Diapers. Oh my, how I wish this had been available a few years back when I had 2 in diapers at once. Big savings + FREE shipping right.to.my.doorstep? Heaven for a busy, budget-driven mom! Click here to search diapers.

:: Organic & Natural Foods. I know it's hard to find deals in store on organic and natural food products that are already priced much higher than the standard versions. Amazon Subscribe & Save has a huge selection of all sorts of organic, allergy-sensitive, and whole foods. If you're trying to eat clean or have allergy issues in your family, Amazon Subscribe & Save may offer you real deals on those items. Click here to search Organic foods.

:: Paper Goods. Deals on paper towels and toilet paper can be hard to come by in the grocery stores and drug stores these days and let's face it, you gotta have the TP! I regularly scan Amazon Subscribe & Save specifically for deals on toilet paper and again, I use the bottom line unit price (cost per roll after 15% discount and coupon codes) to decide whether it's a good deal to stockpile or not. Click here to search paper and plastic household goods.

I definitely recommend that you check out Amazon Subscribe & Saveand compare the prices on what you find that you regularly need and/or stockpile for your family.  I have no plans to give up grocery and drugstore couponing but it is nice to know that I have another way to save by using Amazon Subscribe & Save.

*This post contains my personal Amazon affiliate link; thanks for your support of this site!

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  1. Amazon regularly gives out discount coupons if you subscribe.


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