March 4, 2011

Balancing Real Life and Blogging | Why I'm Happy Being Small Potatoes

Early last week, we had a deluge of rain that came just on the heels of a big snow melt for us here in SW Ohio.  Despite having a sump pump, a backup sump pump, a backup power source (marine battery, and a big old LOUD alarm), a bunch of little things failed one after another in a domino effect and my hubs and I ended up with a swamped basement.

It wasn't all bad, however.

First, we have a submersible pump that we keep on hand just in case something like this happens.  We (and by we, I mean my hubs Knute as I was busy with hauling stuff up the stairs to our garage) were able to get that in the sump well and start draining again.  A submersible pump costs about $100 or so at your local home improvement mega store; believe me, it is WELL worth the investment to have on hand in case your sump pump and/or backup sump pump dies during a big rain. 

Second, only about 1 inch or so of water was in the basement when we caught it.  And again, by we, I mean my hubs Knute, who had headed down to the basement to hang on his inversion table before bed.  Knute has a slightly herniated disc in his back and uses his inversion table daily to stretch out and decompress.  Thank goodness he headed down to his "bat cave" as we call it!  We would've had a true flood by morning if he hadn't; since our utilities are down in our basement, we would've had a nightmare of cleanup and replacements to deal with.

Third, our basement is unfinished which makes for easy cleanup.

Fourth, our insurance company, USAA, rocks.  They had help (shoutout to the great team from ServePro of East Dayton -WOOT!) at our house by 2 am that morning.  USAA, you are The Awesome.  As well as having a sump pump/water backup "rider" on our home insurance policy which covered the cost of the water remediation, we also have a Home Owner's Warranty.  That HOW covered the cost of the plumber and the new sump pump.

Fifth, I finally got my basement cleaned out and organized.  Yes, I know, it sounds like I'm utterly making lemonade out of some very wet lemons, but it's the truth.  We've now been in this house for just past 4 years (our longest stint living anywhere in our nearly 16 years of marriage) and I was beginning to feel antsy about the amount of extra stuff we had accumulated or were storing in the basement that we just.didn't.need. After bringing up everything to the garage, we sorted out items to donate and items that needed to be thrown away (which wasn't much since we caught the water early).  It feels great to have my basement cleaned out and I'm hoping to go through all the rooms and closets in my house and do the same. 

The basement was officially finished yesterday when I finished going through old files and thinned out the paperwork herd.  Which is good news because I'm still in the middle of this real life job as well:

It's Girl Scout cookie season and this year, I'm running the sale for my GS troop.  I spent last weekend getting cookies, sorting orders, and eating waaaay too many Thin Mints.  ;-) 

Between my basement, the cookie sale, and all the other little details that real life requires of me as a mom of three, blogging has been the last thing on my list and I'm glad I've been able to just

Being a small blogger who blogs as a hobby has its drawbacks - I'm not getting rich over here, folks - but it has its benefits, too.    I can step back (without guilt or worry about the effect on our income) when I need to and these last couple of weeks, boy have I needed to!

And I'm glad that I could.  And glad that I did

I'll be posting my LGK! for this week late tonight (after a whirlwind of a day of volunteering, cookie selling, and talent show attending).  And I'll be posting more regularly next week as well. 

Now, a question for you:

Balance is one of those words that gets thrown about all the time in the media as an realistic and achievable goal in life.  But life sometimes doesn't cooperate with our action plans, schedules, and timelines.

How do you seek balance in your life between your responsibilities and your personal dreams?  Do you think balance is a realistic goal? 

Have a great Friday!


Dr. Mom said...

I'm a small blogger as well and that works for me. I think it also prevents blogging burn out due to the pressure of constantly posting. It's just enough to enjoy but not so much that it becomes a burden in an already busy life!

Marianne Thomas said...

@Dr. Mom: I agree! I want to enjoy blogging and not have it become just "one more thing" I have to do. ;-)