May 2, 2011

Menu Plan Monday | **APRIL** Printable Monthly Menu with Recipe Links & Grocery Lists

I plan my family's dinners in five week blocks to maximize my savings at the grocery store and minimize my stress at dinner time. You can read more about my strategy here in my Q&A post here.

I also answered several more questions about how I plan my big ol' menus and how I stockpile shop the weekly sales with coupons; my goal is to get the best deals on items for my monthly menu plan for the lowest cost.  For more Q&A (because you're just dying to know, right?), click here.

I can hardly believe May is already here! And that it's STILL raining in my corner of SW Ohio. ;-)

As I had promised at the beginning of April, I've combined my weekly menu plans from April into one monthly menu plan on Google Docs. You can save the menu plan if you wish to refer to it in the future; all the recipes I used are linked for your reference.

One thing to note: this monthly menu plan for April 2011 covers (4) weeks but is based off of (5) weekly menu plans I had from the end of March 2011 through the end of April 2011 (Monday-Sunday). One of those (5) weeks featured repeated recipes because I didn't cook them the prior week.

At the end of the menu plan, you'll find links to the printable grocery lists for each week; I've linked all (4) of the original weekly grocery lists from the original posts.

I've also linked the original (5) weekly posts at the end of the menu plan just for reference.

FYI: I've got a menu plan for the month of May that I will post weekly (beginning with this week) and then compile in the same way at the end of the month.

I hope you find this useful!

:: TNFM Menu Plan | APRIL 2011

(This is a published to web Google Doc w/recipe links, printable grocery list links, and original TNFM Menu Plan post links.)

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