August 30, 2011

HOT! | FREE Prescription Eyeglasses from (Pay $5 S/H)

"Like" Goggles4u on Facebook and get a code for a FREE pair of prescription eyeglasses. 

The selection of frames for this deal is limited and you will need to pay shipping and handling charges of $4.99 but still - FREE prescription glasses?!  WOOT!

I'm planning on getting a "backup" pair for my son who wears glasses; I used a similar code from another online prescription eyeglass store last year to get myself a new pair of glasses and I'm very happy with how they turned out.

Here's the fine print from their site:

Quick FAQ's

Delivery of eyeglasses in 10-12 days for regular pair of glasses that includes single vision lenses with normal to medium prescription (Conditions may apply)

For bifocal eyeglasses and varifocals and special prescriptions glasses, It may take 12-14 days. (conditions may apply)

Shipping is $4.99 per pair for USA and Canada. International shipping is US$9.99

Friendly customer service and soft return and exchange policy is exercised.

Powerful search system will help you find what you need in no time.

Price of regular pair of eyeglasses is US$ 25.99 which includes frame, standard lenses with coatings. We may upcharge US$ 5.00 or US$ 10.00 if you have strong prescription.

Eyeglasses with progressive lenses produced with highest precision. Our 99.9% progressive eyeglasses with work without any adjustment.

Get your eyeglasses with EMI coated lenses to eliminate Electro magnetic rays from computer and TV.

Go over and "Like" Goggles4u on Facebook to get your FREE code before they're gone. ;-)