September 14, 2011

How to U | How to Create a Household Command Center in a Kitchen Cabinet, Part 2 of 4

How to U is a new weekly feature at TNFM on Wednesdays. 

Each month, I'll feature a simple DIY project from start to finish with posts showing you how to do it as well.

For September 2011, I'm tackling How to Create a Household Command Center in a Kitchen Cabinet. This week is Part 2: Organizing Containers.

If you missed Part 1 of How to Create a Household Command Center in a Kitchen Cabinet, you can read it here.

This week, I'm focusing on Organizing Containers to use in your Kitchen Cabinet Command Center.

When I created my first Kitchen Cabinet Command Center, I did it on the cheap by just looking around my house and repurposing items that I already had, like:

:: Standing file folder organizer

:: Clear plastic shoebox

:: Small stackable file bins

:: Cookie tins and small metal buckets (a la Target Dollar Spot)

While I have every hope and intent to incorporate some of those items in my re-done Kitchen Cabinet Command Center, I decided to go hog wild and head down to my local dollar store. OrgJunkie has a great post with even more ideas about inexpensive organizing containers at dollar stores.

First, measure carefully!  Be sure to measure the width, height, and depth of your cabinet space and cabinet shelves.  If you have shelves you can move within the cabinet, consider moving them and measuring that configuration as well so you have a couple of different sets of measurements to use for comparison when you do head to your local dollar store.  Remember to bring your tape measure with you!

Here's what my $10 + tax bought:

:: More stackable bins

:: Smaller plastic boxes with lids

:: Small bins (3 pk) to use within the stackable bins

:: Hooks

:: Mounting squares

:: Pretty paper

The slash pocket files by Avery I bought at Walmart for about $5 - you can also order those via Amazon for only $3.  Those, along with some creative glue-gunning, will add usable space to my cabinet doors (which right now are home to all sorts of out-dated lists, flyers, and random acts of kiddo artwork). 

If you're looking for more re-purposing ideas, check out these posts:

:: Organizing with Reused Containers at Live Renewed

:: Organizing with a Vintage Flair at Everything Etsy
(I just love the photos for ideas!)

:: Organizing with Repurposed Shoe Boxes via Perfect Chance Memories
(I had a total "DOH!" moment when I saw the photos. I have three kids who go through shoes like CRAZY which means lots of leftover shoe boxes in my garage just waiting to be repurposed. I absolutely LOVE this idea of using chalk paint to create a matched, custom look...and I think this would be an easy project for my kiddos to help me make. Hello, snow day fun!)

Next week, I'll get down to the nitty gritty of the project: Deciding What to Put in Your Kitchen Cabinet Command Center (and, for yours truly, the ever-so-fun task of cleaning out all the clutter I already have!).

Are you creating a Kitchen Cabinet Command Center? Do you have a different type of Household Command Center? I'd love to see it and I'd love to share it in my final post in this series on Wednesday, September 27. 

Please feel free to drop a comment below if you're interested in being included!

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