January 7, 2012

Coffee & Clicks | January 7, 2012 {Edition #24: Forecasted Rise in Gas Prices, Pinterest, & Good Habits}

Welcome to Coffee & Clicks, my weekly roundup of posts from my Google Reader and beyond that captured my attention.

If you find a few minutes to click around this weekend while you sip your coffee (or whatever fills your mug), wander through these posts and enjoy reading, reflecting, and relaxing.

:: If you haven't seen or heard the news stories about the anticipated rise in gas prices in 2012, ABC News posted a story that pretty well sums it up: Forecast: 2012 Worst Year for Gas Prices.

In a nutshell, gas prices are forecast to rise by an average of $0.93/gal by the time they peak in 2012.  Ouch.

One way to prepare for this increase is by looking at your monthly mileage and any anticipated travel and doing the math for the worst case scenario so you can anticipate the impact on your budget.  I plan on doing the same.  Fire up those calculators!

:: It's not official yet, but I'm about to drink the Pinterest Kool Aid.  I've got a number of projects that I want to plan out for 2012 and I've been searching for ideas online...seems like I'd be saving myself time to just go ahead and start pinning boards.  But before I jump in with both feet, I'll be reading this great post by Sorta Crunchy - Pinterest: A Beginner's Guide.  If you're new to Pinterest, Megan does a very thorough job of explaining it from soup to nuts.

:: Last, if you're feeling overwhelmed by the New Year's resolution making of this past week, go sit for a spell and read The 1 Habit Your New Year Can't Do Without over at A Holy Experience.  Good words as always by Ann.


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