January 11, 2012

How To U | Make a Finger Knitted Flower Headband

How to U is a new weekly feature at TNFM on Wednesdays. 

Each month, I'll feature a simple DIY project from start to finish with posts showing you how to do it as well.

For January 2012, I'm getting crafty!

Read on to see the project...

Over Christmas break, my ten year old daughter and I - with the help of YouTube - taught ourselves how to finger knit (or finger crochet).

It was far simpler than either of us had first imagined; before I knew it, my daughter had finger knitted little scarves for all her dolls and was trying to figure out a way to make a sweater for our insane canine, Brownie.

Rather than create a finger knitted torture suit for the dog, I figured I'd get a-googling and see what else we could make.  With a little clicking and an hour of crafting, I came up with this little creation:

How cute!  And it was surprisingly easy, even for a craftaphobe like myself.  ;-)

Over the next two Wednesdays of January, I'll be walking you through the steps on how to make your own  finger knitted flower headband.  Here's what you can look forward to in the coming weeks:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012: Mastering Finger Knitting (or, as some folks like to call it, Finger Crocheting)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012: Making a Finger Knit Flower and How to Attach it to a Headband

Get your yarn and get ready to get crafty!


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