March 7, 2012

Get Organized | FREE Printable Grocery List Planners (*LINK YOURS!*)

Get Organized is a new weekly feature here at TNFM where I share with you tips, ideas, and free printables found online to help you (and me!) save time and money by getting and staying organized.

This week's Get Organized post is dedicated to links and resources for free printable grocery lists.

Do you have a free printable grocery list resource at *your* blog/site? Be sure to share your link at the end of this post!

If you're in charge of the grocery getting at your household, you know just how important it is to have a good list of what you need in your hand before you even step foot into your grocery store.

Without an accurate list (preferably a list based on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly menu plan), you will waste time and money at the grocery store and will likely find yourself heading back again for just *a few* extra items you forgot the first a few *extra* items that you just couldn't resist.  And oh boy, the marketing geniuses (and they are quite genius, ya know) in the supermarket business are hope-hope-hoping you do just that!

Outsmart them all by printing and using one of the grocery lists I've linked below.  Post the list in a visible place in your kitchen where you can check off or highlight items as you need them for your next grocery trip.  Many of these lists can be saved and edited on your computer as well meaning you can customize the list to reflect the items you buy week in and week out.

1.  Basic Master Grocery List with over 300 commonly purchased items.  Items are organized by category and each category has a few blanks for customization.  (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

2.  Grocery List with 1 Column Extra Space and Notes on the Bottom.  Again, items are organized by category.  The extra column allows ample space to add additional items you may need at the store.  (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

3.  Blank 2 Column Grocery List.  If you prefer a completely blank list or are looking for a blank template you can customize by typing in the items you typically buy each week, this is a great option.  (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

4.  Weekly Menu and Shopping Planner List.  Create a menu plan for a week in the left column and then generate your grocery list in the right column.  Easy!  (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

5.  Free Pre-Formatted Grocery Lists at Grocery  This site is pretty cool - the founders created this site based on sharing *found* grocery lists in stores.  You can see images of the found lists here.  Odd but interesting!  The pre-formatted lists they offer come in two versions: full list and vegetarian option.  Both are downloadable and can be customized.  (Courtesy of Grocery

6.  Gluten-Free Celiac Grocery List. If you're eating a gluten-free diet, this list is a good one to have on your refrigerator for reference.   (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

7.  Monthly Menu Plan with Grocery List. Take advantage of sales and buying in bulk by planning a monthly menu for your household.  (Courtesy of Frugal Living @

8.  Thankgiving Feast Grocery List.  Cooking up the big meal this year?  Print this list at the beginning of November so you can stock up on the items you'll need as they come on sale each week.    (Courtesy of Printable Master Grocery List)

9.  Kid's Packed School Lunch List.  I absolutely LOVE this printable list because I pack my kiddos lunches every day!  Simply print the list and sit down with your child and help them select what they'd like to find in their lunch box this week.  *Extra tip* - put this list in a plastic sleeve and let your child use a dry erase marker to pick their faves! (Courtesy of

10.  Cleaning Supplies List.  Know what you need to get that spring cleaning done with this printable list.  (Courtesy of Walmart)

Do YOU have a free printable grocery list available at your blog or website? 

I'd love for you to add it to the linky below so that everyone can find it and benefit from your hard work.  Be sure to link directly the URL of your free printable grocery list and not to your blog/site URL.  Thanks so much!

(FYI: List closes at 11:59 pm EST on March 14, 2012)

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  1. Nice initiative! My most important tip: make a SHOPPING LIST! This is a must for Frugal Grocery Shopping. Everyone is familiar with it but not a lot of people actually use one. If you stay true to your list you will automatically buy stuff you really need. It dramatically reduces the chance you will have to throw away food and money because you bought too much. Your goal is clear: follow your shopping list! Try to stick to 1 shopping list and 1 supermarket visit a week! It saves you money and again: time! Different or daily visits are tempting to buy more than you can manage.Here’s how I work: I write down a weekly schedule and start filling in the blank evenings with dishes and recipes I want to prepare. I look up and write down the necessary ingredients. Piece of cake! Planning your meals for the following week is not always easy, I know. Your evenings might be packed with different activities varying from kids, family, sports, a late night at work or unforeseen dinner invitations. In that case you might have to juggle a bit and if necessary transfer some of the food you already bought into the freezer. Store it for next week or for another night you would intentionally have been outdoors. Canceled restaurant dinners happen. That’s why I always keep cheap ‘dry food’ like pasta and risotto rice at home just in case.


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