March 5, 2012

How To Navigate TNFM Site and Blog

Thanks for bearing with me as I've changed the look and navigation of TNFM.

Rest assured, TNFM is still operating as a blog run on Blogger (because it's FREE and I am frugal!) and you will still receive new posts in your RSS reader or by email if you are a subscriber.  My test post last night landed right in my own Google Reader; if you have any issues receiving new posts, please let me know by email.

Now...onto the changes!

If you visit TNFM directly at the web address (, instead of seeing a traditional blog with the latest post at the top, you'll now see a more traditional home page look.  I wanted to  create more of a "front door" look to the site with quick links to highly trafficked topics as well as a link directly to TNFM Blog.

When you click TNFM Blog, you'll return to the more traditional blog posting look with the same navigation bar, sidebar, and footer that is on the front page.  You'll simply be able to scroll through new posts by date.

Why did I make these changes?

I wanted to create a more organized site not just for myself (because - let's face it - I am a bit of an organizational neat freak, lol!) but for new visitors and for you, my faithful readers.  Because time is the most valuable resource we have, I want my site to be easily navigable and useful to anyone who is searching for information and resources on couponing, frugal living, menu planning, Kroger, and other topics I cover so you don't waste your time.

Below is a quick overview on subscribing to updates from TNFM and navigating TNFM.  I'll be linking this post in the header and footer of the site under the link "SITE MAP" in case you need to refer to it again in the future.


Subscribe for blog post updates by RSS Reader

Subscribe for blog post updates by email

*NEW* Follow @TheNewFrugalMom on Twitter

(If you currently follow my personal Twitter feed @WriterMommy, thank you - I appreciate it!  However, to make it easier for me to post updates from TNFM, I have started a separate Twitter account, @TheNewFrugalMom.  This Twitter account will only be used as a means of alerting you to new posts here at TNFM - I won't be tweeting from this account more than once or twice a day.  Follow @TheNewFrugalMom for the latest updates from the site.

Like The New Frugal Mom on Facebook

(This is fan page for TNFM on FB.  Updates from @TheNewFrugalMom on Twitter will be automatically posted here.  Like TNFM on FB for quick updates.)



(You'll be able to read the latest posts from me, TNFM.)



(If you're new to frugal living or couponing or saving money, this page has links to numerous posts and resources at TNFM to help you get started.)

Weekly Deals

(If you're looking for weekly grocery store sale ad + coupon matchups for the grocery store near you, see this page for links to bloggers who cover your grocery store.)


(If you're searching for sources for newspaper insert coupons, for printable coupons, and for online coupon codes, see this page.)

Printable Coupons

(Print coupons from from this page.  Thank you for your support - for every coupon you print and redeem, I receive a few pennies as a affiliate.)


(If you shop at Kroger or at a supermarket under the Kroger Banner  - ie: Ralph's - this page has links to numerous resources to help you save money at Kroger.)

Let's Go Krogering!

(I post every Let's Go Krogering! every Tuesday and share with you what I bought at my Kroger for the week, the coupons I used, and links to the current Kroger matchups.  This weekly post also features a linky at the end for other bloggers to share their own Let's Go Krogering! post.)

Free Stuff

(If you're searching for legitimate free samples and free items by mail, this page has numerous links to resources for freebies.)

Popular Resources

(A list of some of the post popular resources here at TNFM.)

Ask TNFM a Question

(If you have a question you'd like to ask TNFM, you can use this form to submit it.)

About TNFM

(If you're interested in learning a little bit more about the founder of TNFM, you can read this page.)

Contact TNFM

(If you're interested in contacting TNFM by email or through social media channels, see this page.)

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