June 5, 2015

Bullet Journal for moms - Infants & Toddlers

Most mothers will tell you that \"pregnancy brain\" is transforming into \"mami brain.\" Sleep ago does crazy things for people (hey, it's a form of torture, you know!), and the chaos of life with a newborn child or a child of early childhood, or You can feel less afflicted. The point is whether you go back to staff or not after maternity leave, you have a serious set of responsibilities, there has never been the mind in front of your small (s)! At this stage of the game, the Bullet Journal will be your best friend Depending on whether she is a professional mother or a young mother, she will probably use her BuJo in a different way. But lets start with shared responsibilities for all parents Schedule food She's the kind of person who does it.It is possible to organize , when it comes to planning the vinegar, but it simply is not able to reunite How about a spread in your Bullet Journal, dedicated to a weekend dinner and a list of livelihoods? I have a Pinterest Board that I have dedicated myself to Favorite recipes Recipes I want to try .. Perusing offers an endless source of inspiration for dinner, so that my family doesn't eat the same thing at the end of food and above Plus, planning the meals we eat over the course of the week and the ingredients I have to buy to prepare these meals, we save money, because I'm not a food store, the random things that look good, but don't measure, until you get a meal My BuJo made me die completely in the planning of lunch Who didn't feel completely overwhelmed by the sight of an entire apartment that lives in a family? That's why his Bullet Journal is a fantastic place to come with a game plan, to keep your house clean and unintentionally The processing of a roadmap with specific tasks that ends every week on a given day, may seem a little scary or even ridiculous, but it really helps to undo an entire house in chunk that is superposable. And even if you lose a job (or a whole day). You have still made a record of what has been done and that you still have to call attention to His Bullet Journal could also be a place for a small Chore diagram, together with or with his fist. How much more special would it be to have his graphics in the sacred BuJo? Traccia for Self-Care Now that you're finished with the neonatal phase, it's time to go back to being a priority. One of the most powerful ways to achieve this goal is to track down what's important to you in your Bullet Journal. My absolute scientific discovery is that in my BuJo you will do more to be ready , there is a couple of ideas for self-sufficiency products that you might want to follow Do you have his vitamins? Did you make any prescription? Do you have time for meditation or prayer? Did you keep your resolution in bed until 10:00 p.m.? At 11? Don't tell me it's later than time! Did you tortuate in a maiden night this week or a month? Do you have time for reading? Did you train today? Did you drink 8 glasses of water? : If you try to lose weight, you mark the status of progress in your BuJo! Mark each leprosy that you lose in your target weight : If you have dietary reservations or your weight, keeping a diary of a food food can really help you see where it's been successful, and what you think you're doing.What is your gratitude for this week or for this week? What made you smile? It's about the perspective : When did the menexation start? How long? What are your symptoms this month? What did it help? I've still met the Bullet Journal Dehusan, who doesn't like a good list. And I would say that moms need something more than anyone else. We are proactive to have the information so many that our brains are overloaded. You've already woken up in the middle of the night, why do you remember you almost got your diaper? True story. Put on a list and let your tired brain sleep Here's a list of fantastic ideas for the momo : Run the target list (or whatever you do to detect that you are inserting different articles in each week) Waiting (a list of all the other things that are needed to keep tabs, but that do not require action at this time, such as ordered packets but have not been received) Homework or longer-term goals Maintenance activity for households (for example, modification of air filters and the verification of smoking batteries once a month) Preferred recipes and recipes are recipes Concreator and stocks (for periods in which it is in the poultrymeat sector and wonders if more caning is needed) Birthday days (who, when, and ideals) Vest vacations / places to visit List of packlists (Don't ever forget the night light again!) Cose (type of Eimlist list for your family) Little milestone The sweet things your son said The food products you have presented to the child and its responses (particularly important for the elimination of food allergies) Your wish list (the next time your husband asks you what he wants for his birthday, you will remember these evenings evenings!) The movies you wanted to see, or books you want to read Books you've already read The skills you want to learn, or things you want to explore The quotes that inspire you, as one of my favorites : \"You still have to create chaos so you can give a star to dance.\"-\" Do you want to view the use of other moms and tracking in your Bullet Journal? Keep your access to mine Pinterest intelligence of Pinterest on Bullet Journaling for Moms Talks of Moms & Stay-at-Home Moms For the past six years, I have been a SAHM, technically. At that time I also worked to build a brand, to manage social media and to write every day. So I can refer to the routines and to life > Regardless of the way you spend your days, I believe the Bullet Bullet Register is most valuable to both moms Some people prefer daily lists in his Bullet Journal, but I have found that I'm better off with a weekly view of things : children's lessons, doctor lessons, demonstrations, telephone conferences, family work ... The chance to see all week in one time helps me understand How can you do anything you can The days in which they are supra ; And what can be moved Depending on whether it is a SAHM or a WM, it may be necessary to format weekly spreads differently For the OHMs, I would recommend a \"spread.\" , with a column for each day plus a section for activities that I want to reach at a certain point, the week and the notes or the planning of the essence For the WM, I like something that breaks every day in three columns Then I have room for a pillar of homework for the week. This is what works well for me Now it's his turn! Give us an official register of Ryder's Notebook, tell us downstairs, as he helped his Bullet Journal to save his sanity with a newborn child or a child in the house, or which of his proposals you try to try Congratulations on the winner of last month Good luck with your trip to Bullet Journal And stay for the last edition of the Bullet Journal for Moms Series on the management of life with more children

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