June 5, 2015

The best domestic animals for the kids, if you don't want a dog or a cat

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21. December 2017

What kind of child is not obsessed with animals? Many children probably choose to go and walk and talk, a favorite animal, and soon they will want to have a pet. But maybe you're not willing to bring a dog or a cat in your budget. After all, it's a lot of work like a human child, and you already have your hands in your hand. Where do you stay?

There is a whole world of small animals that make excellent domestic animals for children. These animals teach children teachable teachings about the cameras and responsibilities. They will make babies from their consakes and care about the hours of entertainment. So, what animal is right for her? Here are some of the best chances for a family with children

1. Parakeet

And better for the age of 5 and upwards

The parasites make excellent domestic animals for children. These small birds are so unusual in personalities like their feathers. With a bit of training on both children and birds, paraceets are very kind and easy to handle, and the sauce has been reported. And they can learn all kinds of songs and the words of their human companions

These birds live about 10 years, so make sure you're ready to engage. They're also very social. If they are left alone at a time, you should consider having a second Proakeet

And better for the age of 8 and upwards

According to their intelligence, \"rats are excellent domestic animals because of their intelligence, their size and their joy in the human dangers.\"But the Humane Society of the United States warn of not being able to avoid young people who often don't have control and self-sufficiency, which means, by accident, you drop a rat, tortuate them or frighten them in a bottol way. \"

But if you are able to offer the right environment, you will find yourself more in a rat than it ever thought possible. These small rodents connect to their families and are smart enough to learn the tricks. Plus, they're usually quiet (even if that night) and they're likely to be more clean than a human child

The best for everyone : all age groups

Do you have a small Findet Nemo Fan on your hands? Well, many aquatic animals are attractive to children, but many need a series of very complicated and expensive tactics. So we recommend a simple fish-to-read. These guys are far from simple, with their living colors and swishy. In addition, they are generally rather winter, live up to three years with the right care and the surrounding environment. I hope this means you won't have to walk to the zoo to replace a dead fish that will soon come back soon

4. Discover and canarini

The best for everyone : all age groups

Your child loves the observation of birds? Ports Finken or Kanaren in your home and your son will have a constant source of amusement. These small birds are at their stall and, in general, I am a pet animal. (She is very sensitive, and you have to treat her with caution). According to The Spruce, \"they are making a very good animal for very young children, because they are beautiful, charming, and they care about music\" music \"with their gracious chirps and advice.\"

Fines and species of canarine are usually easy to maintain. They prefer to have another friend of the same sex (who doesn't need more children in the house), and she should be in the biggest cage you can do with a lot of toys to keep them happy. You can learn to imitate some human sounds and skins, even though they often stop with their own songs

And better for the age of 8 and upwards

Animal Planet beats before your baby is a little bit older before she can have a hamster. On the one hand, they are small in Statur, and they make a little frail in their bare hands. But even they are nocturnal-which means that, usually, they will grow at night and sleep by day-and maybe they're not too friendly with a young child who will wake up during the day. Hamsters live on two to three years and they prefer to live alone, while enjoying their human companion

And better for the age : 10 and upwards

So, your son has seen a Geica ad, and now he wants a Gecko. It's actually a pretty popular pet, especially the Gecko Leopard, with its cool pattern of spots. However, Animal Planet Geckos is recommended for children of 10 years of age or older, as they are generally shy and require patience

Plus, these little lizards can live for up to 20 years, so you're sure you want to make this kind of commitment. And you have to buy all kinds of Bugs from war to feed. But if you take the jump, these little kids are incredibly interesting, even though they may not have a fascinating accent

7. Guinean Suini

The best for everyone : all age groups

Guinea pigs are making a large domestic animal for the children of all ages. They are very social and they love human enterprises. They need a diversified diet of pellets, hay and fresh vegetables. But they can be obese, without enough training. (You are about to make the sounds grunting similar when they are on the seated side). With a right cure, they live from five to ten years

And better for the age of 8 and upwards

Let's just get out of this street : the tortoise was wearing salmonella, which obviously represented a risk to your family. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention do not recommend turtles for children under the age of 5, and Animal Planet continues to step forward and says there are no turtles for children under 8 years of age. Essentially, they must be old enough to know the hygiene-health practices, such as the washing of the balls and every surface touching the turtle. In other words, these little Slovene rings do interesting things, for the poorest of people who wait for children

And better for the age of 8 and upwards

What kind of child doesn't love small bunnies? But don't even think about having a child for your son since Easter. Rabbits require a lot of work, and many will be denied shortly after the agitation of Feiersera. But if you decide, it's right for you, that they make excellent domestic animals for the children

Planet animals even say they are like a cross between a cat and a dog, because they can learn when they're called, they walk on a moon and use a launch box. They need a sufficient movement and high quality food. And they can live up to 10 years, so it's practically like it's a dog or a cat, even

10. Cockatielles

And better for the age of 5 and upwards

The parasites are a bigger cousin, but they are still much smaller than mackerel or cocoa, so that they can make domestic animals more suitable for children. These friendly birds develop close ties with their families and are excellent with the balls of Mimicking and the words (although some say parasites are the best talkers)

With the right food and environment, these birds live about 20 years, and so they are a long-term responsibility. (But you are a parent, so you understand commitment in the long term, right?) In a cockpit, you have a companion full of personalities, and you won't even take it for a walk or a Scoop to take his son

The best for everyone : all age groups

-Has it grown a farm of ants? These things already exist for a long time-and for a good reason. They are incredibly simple to create and wait. (Please, do not let it fall, or have a cheese situation on your hands). You are also an easy way to teach your children about the properties of domestic animals. Plus, you could be thrilled as much as your baby is looking at these ants that build their little cologne

12. Crowd disease

The best for everyone : all age groups

Is your son always crabbing? Maybe he just wants a crabola. These little rusts make pets worry about the pets. They are surprisingly active, and so curious for their environment, as your children will be. With the right bathtub and power, they can actually live for about 30 years. (I hope your human child is out of the house)

You have specific water and moisture requirements, so if you don't think you have the right conditions, it's probably a domestic animal to jump. Otherwise, it is a small and rich and instructive creature for your children

13. Chickens

And better for the age of 5 and upwards

So, we give you some smaller options for your kids, instead of cats and dogs, and now we're going to tell you that you want to make it a farm? Stay here with us. Many communities now allow the coops of backyard chickens. And often the practice is surprisingly simple and improvisable. (What boy doesn't love ballast mosquitos?)

According to the HGTV, the hard part was finished when the chickens and chickens were chosen. And then HGTV says, \"In a well-equipped henhouse, the most difficult thing you have to do, most of the days, is to pick up eggs.\"

Our favorite variety of chicken is an Easter heir that, in fact, puts the eggs in a series of different sounds. They're usually nice to the kids. The maintenance of chickens teaches children a great lesson of responsibility (collection Ei at your Chore diagram) and where the food comes from

14. Animals animals

The best for age varies according to the program

Is he not ready to bring a pet to your home yet? No problem. You can still allow your child to experience a cattle loan through volunteering activity in the local human society. The Shelters offer many educational programs for children. And there are more intelligent forms of volunteering, such as this Humane Society of Missouri, where children read dogs and cats without home, to provide them with a little attention and socialization

Less, the conditions often allow children of a certain age (with an adult debate) to do manual work with animals. It's a great way to get your animal correction, without need in the house, even if we can't promise your son that you won't adopt all the pet animals

The way you choose the puppy

Yeah, there's nothing like the joy of a child, if you finally agree and concise to have a pet animal. But before you take the jump, PetMD recommends that you check these questions :

  • Can you make a commitment to fear for its life cycle?
  • Is the puppy realistically in your family?
  • Can you provide the right environment?
  • Do you have a vet and you can afford to pay the bills?
  • He's ready to do your job (why can't you just expect your son to do it?)

The health of children also suggests not taking impulsive decisions and, in any case, you do not buy a pet as a holiday or birthday present for your child, if you have not completely rethought it before. The novelty will be withdrawn soon, and you will be responsible for your responsibility. (In fact, you can always assume that responsibility is being relied upon on you). An alternative is to wrap the pets as a gift, with the promise to withdraw the animal as a family at a later time, once it is prepared

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