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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walgreens $5/$20 Coupon, Friday (6/13) ONLY

Smoking hot dealio!

Click here to print your own $5/$20 coupon good for Friday, June 13, 2008 only at Walgreens!

Revised 6/12, 11:15 pm:

As one kind commenter noted below, this coupon is printed with these words:

Minimum subtotal must equal $20 or more before sales tax; subtotal must
include all other applied coupons and discounts.

If you do use this, expect to pay a full $15 or more oop. If you have your gift card recharged and can get some good deals on the Free After Rebate items or Register Reward items, it might be worth the trip. As for me, I'll skip this one, Walgreens. ;)

(Thanks to Denise for posting this; it didn't hit my inbox!)

If you've cooked up a great deal with this coupon, drop a comment here and spread the word!

Share because you care!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wife Swap on ABC: They Want YOU, Couponers!

I just had to post this email I received today (and I'm sure many of you frugal mommy bloggers did, too).

I would just be tickled to see someone from the blogosphere end up on this show. Here goes:


The premise of Wife Swap is that one parent from each household swaps places for a week to experience how another family lives. It is an incredible family experience and opportunity to both learn and teach different family values.Wife Swap is a fascinating story of what happens when two couples see themselves and their partners in a whole new light. The New York Post says, "It should be called 'Life Swap' because it's not just the wives who learn something here. It's the families."

Potential families can live anywhere in the United States, but we ask that families applying for the show consist of two parents and have at least one child, age 7 or older, living at home. Specifically, I'm looking for families who know how to save a buck by clipping coupons! If you're serious about your coupon regime, I want to hear from you!

To submit for the show please email a family photo and description to: Families featured on the show will receive a $20,000 honorarium. If you refer a family that is selected you receive $1,000.

If you are a family unit (two parents and children between the ages of 7 and 17) who love an adventure, I would love to hear from you today! Also, please feel free to send this casting along to any families you feel would be appropriate!

More information is available at:

Wow - I actually just read that line about referrers getting $1,000! Nice for whoever gets it!

Ok, if anyone out there applies and gets a casting call on this after reading it here, email me! I'd love to share your story and let everyone watch your big debut!

After reading that email, I would imagine that ABC wants to swap a budget-conscious, couponing mom with Susie Spendy. Should make for some interesting TV!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese Coupons & New CVS Coupon

If you like to treat your kids to a trip to Chuck E. Cheese every once in a while, there are some great coupons packaged around Hi-C juice box 10 pks.

They include:

*10 Free Game Tokens with Any Food Purchase (no dollar minimum listed on the food purchase)

*Save $10: 1 Lg Pizza (1-2 topping or Super Combo), 4 regular sized soft drinks, and 30 game tokens, for only $18.99

*Save $10: Buy 40 Game Tokens for $10, get 40 more FREE.

All coupons state One coupon per visit per family/child.

All expire 10/31/08.

And if you're looking for more coupons for Chuck E. Cheese, register for the Chuck E-Club here and you'll be sent links/emails with printables.

Chuck E. Cheese's also rewards for good grades; bring your child's most recent report card and get FREE tokens (they don't state how many tokens on their site).


CVSer's! It's Thursday, the day CVS sends us their latest emailed coupons! Go check your inbox and hopefully you'll find what I did:

$4/$20 Beauty Purchase, exp 5/3/08.

CVS is tightening up on how they release their coupons; I'd share this with you, but the legal fine print states: Offer Valid Only For Intended Recipient.

There's a bunch more legalese at the bottom, too.

I'd just like to pop in my two cents on ethical couponing: you can get lots of great deals honestly and aboveboard. No deal is worth doing something fraudulent, like using coupons not intended for you, or .pdfs of scanned coupons.

If you haven't received this coupon, be sure you've registered your Extra Care Card at and signed up for email alerts and promotions from them.

There are many great beauty deals at CVS to be had; check here for Slick Deals listing of April's Monthly ECB deals.

And click here for the upcoming May Monthly ECB deals. Don't we all just love to plan ahead!

Happy Savings!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Chadwicks of Boston: $20/$60 and $30/$90

Chadwick's of Boston is a womens apparel catalog/webite that often runs good deals like this one that expires April 14, 2008:

Save $30 on your order of $90; or

Save $20 on your order of $60.

Use coupon code CHGCARD to get either offer with your online order.

You can reuse these codes on subsequent orders, too!

While the "front page" items in the Chadwick's catalogue can be a bit spendy for us new frugal moms, they do have a very large "Clearance" section online with price categories starting as low as $6.99 or less.

You can usually find a wide range of items in those lower price points, which combined with this coupon code can yield a nice find of spring items for a very reasonable price.

Happy Savings!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Walgreens $5/$20 Coupon - APRIL 11 ONLY!

I found this TREASURE in my inbox just a minute ago; without even checking my Bloglines Reader yet, I can assure you that the blogosphere is buzzing about this coupon.

For a direct link to Walgreens site to print this coupon, click here.

It's not very often that Walgreens releases a coupon like this - I think the last one was at the end of January 2008. It's deal-worthy! Grab your pencil, your calculator, your coupons, and start thinking!

The legal fine print reads: "Limit one coupon per customer per offer." If offer was instead transaction, I'd say you'd be safe in doing multiple transactions with multiple copies of this coupon. But offer could mean one coupon is offered to each customer; the legalese is a bit vague.

I'd love to know your plans - do you intend to use this coupon only once or do you intend to use multiple copies for multiple transactions?


As always, I advise you to use this coupon stacked with manufacturer's and Walgreens coupons to maximize your buying power and also to earn Easy Saver Rebates and/or Register Rewards for future purchases at Walgreens.

Items you may want to work into your deal(s?) with this coupon:

Free After Rebate April 2008 Easy Saver Rebate Book (click here to see the full book):

Buy (1) Aquafresh Extreme Clean Polishing Action 5.6 oz or Advanced 2x Whitening Toothpaste 6 oz

$3.99 FAR


Buy (1) Colgate 360 Clean or Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush

$3.99 FAR

Limit 1

Buy (1) SoyJoy Bar, 1.06 oz

$1.39 FAR

Limit 1

Buy (1) Just for Men Touch of Gray Hair Color

$8.29 FAR

Limit 1

Buy (1) Jane Be Pure Mineral Blush .06 oz or .1 oz or Kabuki Brush

$4.29 FAR

Limit 1

Buy (1) Wal-Zry 24 Hour Allergy Relief, 10 mg., 5 Tablets

$3.99 FAR

Limit 1

Buy (1) Wal-itin 10 mg. Tablets, 30 pk

$6.99 FAR

Limit 1


Register Rewards (RR) Available this week:

Buy (4) 12 pk Coca-Cola products for $12.00, earn $2.00 RR

Buy Crest Whitestrips 56 pk for $20.00, earn $10.00 RR

Buy 2 of these participating products, earn $2.00 RR; buy 3, earn $5.00 RR; buy 4, earn $10.00 RR:

* Neutrogena Healthy Defense, Healthy Skin, or Anti-Oxidant Skin Care and Cosmetics (sale priced at 20% off, $4.79-$16.39)

*Listerine Whitening Quick Dissolving Strips, 56 pk, $22.00

*Rembrandt Toothpaste, 2.6 oz or 3 oz, $6.00

*Aveeno Skin and Bath Care (sale priced 20% off, $2.39 - $15.99)

Buy 3 of the participating items for $9.00 total (3/$9.00) earn $3.00 RR

* Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste, Regular or Night, 6 oz

* Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash, 500 mL

* Glide Dental Floss, 38.3-55 yds

Buy 1 Gillette Mach 3 or Venus Disposable Razors for $6.00, earn $3.00 RR

Buy 1 Bayer Aspirin Heart Advantage, 30 ct Duo-Caps for $5.00, earn $2.00 RR


There are also several BOGO (buy one, get one free) items at Walgreens this week. To see the full weekly ad, click here and enter your zip code to see the weekly ad for the store near you.

For even more deal ideas, visit Money Saving Mom's weekly Walgreens deal list here.

Happy Savings!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: More Kroger Deals

It's Super Savings Saturday over at Money Saving Mom - go join in the fun and see how much the frugal faithful have saved this week!

I did my usual Friday Krogering yesterday and of course, made use of the Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale to fill my cart with 30 of the participating items along with my other necessities.

These 30 goodies above were $55.00 (mind you, that's the sale price - all the 10 Item Mega Sale items are priced at either $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50).

I paid $29.50 for them after the $5.00/10 items multiplied by 3 = $15.00 was discounted.

I also had $10.50 in doubled coupons for some of these items.

My total savings on these 30 items was $25.50 - a total savings of 54%. Not bad! And I haven't even taken into account that these items are at sale price, not full price. Even more total savings!

My total bill yesterday at Kroger for these items and the rest of my necessities was $86.20 for $171.o1 worth of goodies. I saved $84.81 with sales and coupons, a savings of 49%!

And I'm stockpiling my pantry, a key part of using coupons to be frugal. Buy low, buy much, and spend less over time.

The Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale runs through April 13 in the Cincinnati area; I'm eager to see the coupons in tomorrow's paper and how they match up to the sale. I foresee many good deals next week, too!

Happy Savings!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Coupons, Part I: Work for Yourself

If I told you there would be a twenty dollar bill hiding in your Sunday newspaper, I'm betting you'd run to the curb next Sunday morning in your robe and slippers as you giggled with glee at the prospect of finding free money.

If I told you there might be two twenty dollar bills in that newspaper, you'd probably get up at o'dark thirty and wait in a lawn chair at the curb to make sure no one else got those greenbacks.

While you'll never find a bank who will exchange a fistful of clipped $1/1 coupons for actual currency, I do urge you to start thinking of those coupons as money - money, that with a bit of brainpower and hard work, you can "earn" through reducing your total grocery, personal care, and household items budget category.

For example, let's say that I'm newbie to the frugal life. I've done my homework and created a workable household budget for my family that addresses our needs and goals. But after looking at my household budget and my financial goals (whatever they both might be as mine will differ from yours, a basic truth of the Frugal Journey), I decide that I need an additional $100/month to meet both. What should I do?

The quick response in our consumer culture? Make more money! Most people would assume this means they need to increase the amount of money coming into their household. Maybe you already squeeze every penny until it squeals and you genuinely do need to increase your income. As layoffs and downsizing occur, foreclosures loom, gas and food prices rise, and real estate in certain markets remains outrageously overpriced, many good people are struggling just to make ends meet each week. I certainly admire those of you out there who are making it under just such circumstances.

But if you haven't tried using coupons yet, you should, no matter what your family's financial situation might be. Using coupons is like working a part-time job for yourself.

But before I delve into that concept, let's go back to my original statement, that you need an additional $100/month to meet your budget and financial goals. Let's assume you take a part-time job to make the difference - what would it cost you in time to make that $100/month?

Let's speculate that you find a part-time job for $8.00/hour . I'll make this an optimistic scenario and assume that you won't need to consider the possible cost of childcare in order to work; you're lucky enough to have a spouse or family member or friend who will watch your child(ren) for free.

Dividing $100.00/month by $8.00/hour gives you 12.5 hours each month. But you and I both know that you'll never see all of of that $8.00 an hour - Uncle Sam wants his cut, too. Again, for the sake of simplicity (because tax rates vary state-to-state and because additional income may affect into which federal income tax bracket you fall), we'll slice off a clean 20% (and this too is optimistic) off the top of that $8.00/hour and hand it over to the government.

Now that $8.00/hour you're making nets out as an actual $6.40/hour. Let's divide again.

$100.00/month by $6.40/hour equals 15.625, or 15 hours and 37 minutes each month.

Divide that by four weeks, and you'll need to work roughly 4 hours/week to make about $100/month.

But we also need to consider the other issue in play: your travel time. How much time will it take you to get to this imaginary job? If you're in a small town, maybe a few minutes. If you're in a big metro area, maybe 45 minutes or more.

Let's keep it optimistic and assume your imaginary job is one day a week, for four hours. You only need to travel 15 minutes to get to and from this job. You'll spend 30 minutes each week going to and from your imaginary job, adding an additional 2 hours a month to your 15 hours and 37 minutes required to earn that extra $100.

Now you've committed to sacrificing 17 hours and 37 minutes each month to earn the extra $100. That nets out to 4 hours and 24 minutes per week.

That's a lot of time if you're a busy parent, or you already hold a full time job, or you're a student, or you're some combination of these three.

And, let's remember that this example was optimistic. Add in childcare, the cost of transportation, any union dues, and uniforms or work attire, and you'll need to work even more hours to offset those costs and actually take home $100/month. And if you're working more than one day a week, you'll need to add even more time to your hours/month after you calculate the additional travel time per week.

I won't even touch the psychic costs of staying in a job you hate, or the mental and physical exhaustion of working two jobs, or missing out on your family life.

So let's return to this idea of working for yourself by using coupons. If you need to increase your income by $100/month to meet your current budget and financial goals, step back from your calculator for a moment and consider this:

If you lower your budget by $100/month by using coupons to decrease the amount of money you spend on groceries and personal items, you've just "made" that extra $100.

The key is discipline (something I struggle with myself; I'm no frugal diva, just another traveller on the Frugal Journey). You must be disciplined with your budget. For example, if you're currently spending $100/week on groceries and personal care items, you'll need to drop it by $25/week to $75.00/week to make that extra $100/month into your overall budget.

Using coupons matched up with current sales, along with stores that offer rebate programs like CVS or Walgreens, can help you do this.

Many people shy away from using coupons because it seems like such a hassle. They think that it takes too much time. Yes, using coupons will take time - I won't lie to you. Time to find and accumulate them, time to organize them, time to match them with current sales, and finally, time to execute: to actually go shopping and use them.

But the purpose of the imaginary job example was to get you thinking about your time and how you manage it. Being frugal with your time is as important as being frugal with your money.

If you're willing to commit at least two hours or so a week to using coupons, or even more, you can be both frugal with your time and your money. You'll reduce your overall grocery and personal care items bill and you'll be doing it by working for yourself.


Look for my next post in this series: Coupons, Part II: Finding and Organizing

Fabulous Freebies: Free Chicken Nuggets at Walmart

Word has it (thanks, Sisterly Savings!) that FastFixins freezer bags of DinoBites and Popcorn Chicken are priced $1.00 at Walmart again this week. Click here to register for the Fast Fixins Fanatics Club and print (5) $1.00/1 coupons (all different codes!). Then refresh the page and print again. It will print (5) $1.00/1 coupons again, all with new codes.

And, if you can score all 10 bags, you can save the UPCs to send in for an additional (1) $1.00/1 coupon! Details here, along with details for another "hidden" coupon you can find on their site.

I stopped by my local Walmart today to snag this deal (it ran a couple of weeks ago and I still had five coupons left I hadn't used) but the freezer case was already cleaned out. A sure sign that a great deal is afoot!

This is a great deal if you can find it; if not, hold those coupons and wait for the next one!
Happy Savings!

Get P&G Coupons - $31 - By Mail

Love P&G products? Click here to request a coupon book by mail (6-8 weeks) worth $31 for these products:





Mr. Clean


Thursday, April 3, 2008

$5.00 Iams Dog Food Coupon

Request a $5.00/1 bag of any Iams Proactive Health Dog Food here. Coupon sent by US Mail (my last one came within two weeks).

Kroger often teams up with P&G (they bought Iams a few years back) for great promotions on P&G products; this coupon can really save you mucho $$ during one of their deals.

Happy Savings!

Grocery Gathering: Help for Newbies

Frugal faithful, if you haven't stumbled across BeCentsable yet, I encourage you to click over to their Grocery Gathering rules post and check for your local grocery store.

These frugal divas host this post twice a week with links to posts from around the country detailing the best grocery deals for the week at different stores. The deals are based on the weekly ad for the store and current coupons available through Sunday inserts and printables.

If you're a new frugal mom, or new to coupons and stockpiling, you can check the best deals in your local grocery stores and save yourself time (and money!).

Click over and take a looksee!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale: The Coupons!

Alrighty, frugal faithful! I'm going to go through the items included in the sale and list the coupons I've found in recent Sunday inserts. For some, I have the date and insert for the coupon (ie: SS for Smart Source; RP for Red Plum; GM for General Mills); for some, I do not. I'll update this post as needed; email/comment if I missed any or if you've got linkage to printables.

The limit is (3) rewards per transaction, meaning you can buy any 30 of the items included in your Kroger Mega Sale and will receive a total of $15.oo off your order($5.00/10 items).

Best ways to save? Buying (10) $1.00 items for $10.00, getting $5.00 off $10.00 at point-of-sale leaving you a total of $5.00. Add coupons on top for each of the (10) items (and this works BEST if your Kroger doubles coupons) and you might find yourself at $0.00 or, even better, into those wonderful negative numbers we frugal faithful call "overage" - meaning you can get other items for free!

This sale offers many, many ways to leverage that overage in your transaction; plan on spending some time with your calculator before hitting the store.

I should remind you that I'm in the greater Cincinnati area; our Kroger ad runs Monday-Sunday and began 03/31/08. This sale runs through Sunday, April 13, in my region. Check Kroger online for details on your region.

$1.00 items

Pedigree Canned Dog Food, 22 oz (there are some $0.75/10 can coupons out there - good if you use this; printable here and here)

Gatorade Sports Drink, 32 oz

Sobe Lifewater, 20 oz

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 6.6-8 oz

Lipton Side Dishes (rice and pasta), 4.1-6.4 oz

Haagen-Dazs, 4-4.23 oz or cup

Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, 15.5-16 oz

French's Mustard, 12-14 oz ($0.50/1; printable $0.50/1 here)

Hormel Chili with Beans, 15 oz ($1.00/2)

Kroger Toaster Treats, 8 ct

Kroger Pretzels, 9-15 oz

Excedrin Extra Strength Tablets, 10 ct vial ($2.00/1; same coupon available as a printable here and here.)

Hershey's Whoppers or Milk Duds, 10-12 oz

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 18-18.4 oz ($0.55/1 Mix and 1 Frosting printable here)

Pillsbury Biscuits or Rolls, 4-12 oz ($0.25/1 Crescents; $0.50/3 Grands)

$1.50 items

Scott Paper Towels Mega Rolls ($1/4 rolls)

Clorox Bleach Liquid, 82-96 oz

Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese, 8 oz tub

Cheez-It Crackers, 7.5-10.5 oz

Peter Pan Peanut Butter, 14-18 oz

Betty Crocker Specialty Potatoes, 4.5-7.6 oz ($0.35/1, SS 3/16 and GM 2/10)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies, 8.5-12 oz

Betty Crocker Pouch Cookies, 17.5 oz ($0.50/1, SS 3/16; $0.60/1 printable here)

Whiskas Temptations Cat Treats, 2.1-3 oz

Beneful Dog Food Prepared Meals, 10 oz

Pillsbury Refrigerated 4 ct Biscuits or Dinner Breads, 7.5-30 oz ($0.40/2 Italian Meal Breads, SS 2/17 and SS 3/16)

Progresso Light Soup, 18.5 oz ($0.25/1, GM 2/10)

Marie Callender's Pot Pies, 10 oz

Healthy Choice Simple Selections, 6-10 oz

Frito Lay Cheetos or Fritos, 8-10 oz

$2.00 Items

Kraft Cheese, bars or shred, 8 oz

Hot Pockets, 8-9 oz ($0.50/1, SS 3/16)

Kraft Cheese Slices, 12 oz (there's a $0.75/1 Kraft Singles Select out there, not sure if it works on this promotion)

Tidy Cats Litter, 10 lb

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 4.2-10 oz ($1.00/2, SS 2/24)

Classico Pasta Sauce, 10-26 oz

Kellogg's Fruit Snacks, 4.8-9 oz

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Treats, 8 ct

Welch's Grape Jelly or Jams, 22-32 oz

Windex Glass Cleaner, 26 oz ($0.75/1 Antibacterial Multi-Surface; not sure if it will apply to this promotion; $0.40/1 Windex)

Dole Fruit, 24.5 oz jars or 4 pk bowls

Betty Crocker Premium Brownies, 20.5-26.7 oz ($0.50/2, SS 3/16)

Betty Crocker Muffin Mix, 15.2-19.6 oz ($0.50/2, SS 3/16)

Eggo Healthy Waffles, 12.3 oz

Jimmy Dean Breakfast Bowls, 8 oz

Jimmy Dean Sandwiches, 2 ct

Spam, 12 oz

Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfasts, 7.8-14.8 oz ($1.00/2, SS 3/2)

Clorox Wipes, 35 ct

Shout Stain Remover Liquid, 22 oz ($0.75/1)

New York Garlic Toast or Breadsticks, 10.5-11.25 oz ($0.40/1)

$2.50 Items

Breyer's Ice Cream, 48-56 oz

Thomas' Bagels, 20-22 oz

Tombstone Pizza, 16-27.7 oz

Minute Maid Orange Juice, 64 oz

Domino Sugar, 5 lb bag

Dannon Yogurt or Smoothies, 4-8 pk or 24-32 oz ($1.00/1 4pk or 8 pk Smoothies, SS 3/2)

Chips Ahoy! Cookies, 14-16 oz

Ritz Crackers, 12.5-16 oz

Edy's Dibs, 60 ct

Kellogg's Special K Bars or Bites, 4.6-4.87 oz ( $0.70/1 Special K Protein Products, RP 2/24; $0.55/1 Special K Bliss Products, RP 3/30)

Sara Lee Fruit Pies, 37 oz

Ziploc Food Storage Bags, 7-25 ct ($0.55/1, SS 2/24; $0.40/1, SS 3/16)

Weight Watchers Frozen Treats, 4-12 ct

Popsicle Frozen Treats, 18-30 ct

Hidden Valley Ranch Salad Dressing, 16 oz

Morningstar Farms, 5.25-16 oz

Welch's 100% Grape Juice, 64 oz ($1.00/2, SS 2/10)

Vlasic Pickles, 16-24 oz

Buitoni Pasta or Sauce, 9-15 oz

Crisco Vegetable or Pure Canola Oil, 48 oz

Thomas' English Muffins, 11-13 oz

100 Calorie Packs, 4.2-4.86 oz

Dawn Detergent Liquid Dish, 12.8-28 oz

Newman's Own Salad Dressing or Mist, 7-16 oz ($0.50/1, 3/30)

Glade Candles, 4 oz ($1.00/1 4 0z Jar Candle, SS 3/16)

Milkbone Dog Biscuits, 16-26 oz

Kellogg's Cereals, Ass't Varieties, 8.4-19.1 oz (I'm not sure which cereals are included for this deal; printable here for Raisin Bran and Raisin Bran Crunch; $0.70/1 Frosted Mini Wheats; $0.70/1 Special K)

Oscar Mayer Maxed Out Lunchables, 13.2-15.6 oz

South Beach Wraps

Hunts Snack Pack Pudding, 12 ct

Email or comment with any coupons I've missed from the Sunday inserts and printables. Just like different regions run different versions of this sale, we also receive different coupons, too. Check yours to be sure!

Happy savings!

Kroger 10 Item Mega Event: $70.21 for only...

Actually, my total was only $4.96 after the Kroger discounts and my coupons.

So, what did $4.96 buy me this morning at Kroger? Take a look:

It's a bit blurry - sorry!

This was one transaction; the 10 Item Mega sale limit is three rewards per transaction. So of course I maxed it out with 30 of the participating items (along with a couple other good deals).

Here's the breakdown with coupons used (all coupons from recent Sunday inserts; the only printables I used were (3) different $2/1 any size Excedrin.)

I should note that my Kroger doubles coupons up to $1.00. Hope yours does, too!

$1.00 items:

(4) Excedrin - (3) printable $2/1 any size, click here and here; (1) $2/1 any size (Sunday inserts) coupon

(2) French's Mustard - (2) $0.50/1 coupons

(2) Hormel Chili with Beans - (1) $1/2 coupon

(6) Pillsbury Grands Biscuits - (2) $0.50/3 coupons

(2) Pillsbury Crescent Rolls - (2) $0.25/1 coupons

(2) Pepperidge Farm Goldfish - No coupons! My kids love them!

$1.50 items:

(4) Scott Paper Towel Rolls - (1) $1.00/4 coupon

(2) Betty Crocker Cookie Pouches - (2) $0.50/1 coupons

(1) Cheezit Cracker - No coupon! My kids love them!

$2.00 items:

(2) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars - (1) $1/2 coupon

(1) Shout Stain Treatment - (1) 0.75/1 coupon

$2.50 items:

(1) Dannon Light 4pk Smoothies - (1) $1/1 coupon

(1) Milk Bones - (1) 0.55/1 coupon

My other items:

(2) Cottonelle 4pk on sale for $0.99 ea - (2) $0.25/1 coupons

(1) Shed Spread on sale for $0.98 - (1) $0.50/1 coupon

Bananas, 0.87 lbs at $0.56/lb - $0.49


In the Cincinnati area, this sale is ongoing through April 13, 2008. I plan on going to Kroger again...and again...and again!

Please note that the items included in and length of this sale will likely vary from region to regin. Visit Kroger online to view the ad for your zip code.


I have gone through all my Sunday inserts and pulled all the coupons I have for the participating products; I plan on posting a list of these later today to help everyone in getting the best deal. Come back and check it out!

Do you have links to printable coupons for this sale? Please comment or email me and I'll add them to the list with credit back to you!

If you'd like to see how other bloggers are making this deal work for them, visit the carnival going on for this sale at Money Saving Mom!

Happy Savings!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

$24 in CVS Beauty Coupons: Reinventing Beauty Magazine

I found this goldmine at CVS today!

The magazine is in the Beauty section (in my CVS, it was stacked on a display). It's called Reinventing Beauty and is priced at $0.99 - a great filler price for your next transaction.

AND, for that $0.99 investment, you'll get TWO sets of coupons (you can see the green booklet in the picture above) valued at $12.00 each! One is stuck to the outside of the magazine; the other is inside.

Coupons include:

*$2/any Skin Effects purchase, exp. 6/30/08

*$1/2 Dasani or Evian 1 liter bottles, exp. 6/30/08

*$1/1 Hershey Bliss 8.6 oz bag or larger, exp. 9/30/08

*$2/1 CoverGirl TruBlend, exp. 5/31/08
**In April Extra Value Book; earn 6 ECBs on any TruBlend Whipped Foundation

*$1/1 Nail Duets by Nailene, exp. 8/31/08

*$2/1 Clairol Perfect 10, exp. 5/31/08

*$1/1 Powder Palette Multi-Colord Face Powder & Blush, exp. 6/30/08

*$2/1 Pantene Pro-V Styler, exp. 5/31/08

In the spirit of ethical couponing, I encourage everyone to do the right thing and spend the $0.99 for the magazine.

If you come up with any great deal using these coupons, comment or email me! I'd be happy to post them here with credit back to you!

*Revised 4/1/08, 11pm EST:

Thanks to Heather for pointing me to the same coupon booklet online - no scans, this is legit. Click here for online printables of these.


Also, as of today, 04/01/08, the ECBs you earned on your CVS Winter Spending will print automatically at the bottom of your receipt. You earn 2% every three months on your total spending.

If you're signed up for email alerts from CVS, you'll get an email today telling your your quarterly ECB amount and the option to print them at home. If you're not signed up for email alerts, look at your last CVS receipt from March, find the line that reads WINTER 2008 SPENDING and the amount to the right. Multiply that $ amount by .o2 (2%) and you'll know how many ECBs you'll receive the next time you shop at CVS.

Then make sure you do sign up for email alerts from CVS! You don't want to miss out on their emailed coupons!

Happy savings!