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Monday, March 24, 2008

Are You a New Frugal Mom?

Who is the New Frugal Mom?

You. Me. Any mom, or any household manager, who wants to save money, stretch their budget, and use their time wisely.

Maybe you were lucky enough to be raised in a frugal household where your family taught you how to re-use instead of throwing away, how to plan and maintain a budget, how to save for your future, and how to make every penny count.

Unfortunately, this isn't the norm any more in American culture. The current sub-prime mortgage mess is testament to the I-Deserve-It-All-NOW attitude, an attitude that leads to a lifestyle that is impossible to upkeep when the house of cards falls down with a whoosh!

But the word is out: frugal is in. Clipping coupons is hip; Freecycling is green and cool. Garage-sale-hopping is the hottest hobby around.

Going Frugal is the new chic!

No matter what the state of your current finances might be, if you're trying hard to better manage your money, to consume less and save more, then you are a New Frugal Mom.

Welcome to the club!