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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday: Inspire Me, Please!

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, Frugal Faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

New to Shopping Scenario Sunday? Check out the rules here.


After gutting Walgreens last week for the P&G RR deal (um....I made six transactions last week at Walgreens!), I'm looking at this weeks CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger ad and seeing....


So I turn to you, Frugal Faithful, for help; do you see some great deals this week at your fave stores, whatever stores they may be?

Post your most hopeful scenarios, then drop your permalink in the Mr. Linky below. If you'd just like to leave a comment, that'd be great, too!

Thanks for sharing!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Walgreens Register Rewards Scenarios 5/4-5/10: Part 1

The deals at Walgreens this week are stellar; it's rare to have such a high dollar Register Reward week at Walgreens with other RR deals available for rolling over RRs within the same week.

I've already been to Walgreens twice and will likely have at least (2) more transactions this week.

**For a full listing of RRs available this week at Walgreens, click here.**

My purchases so far:

(9) Crest Pro-Health Night Pro-Health Toothpastes, 4.2 oz, $2.50 ea

*used $3.00/2 coupon in May Easy Saver Catalog (saved $13.50 total)

*used (1) $0.50/1 Crest, PG 4/6

*used (1) $1.00/1 Crest Pro-Health, PG 5/4

Final Total w/tax: $8.96

Easy Saver Gift Card Balance applied: $5.40

Cash OOP: $3.56

Register Rewards Earned: $20.00

(Many thanks to Lisa at Cents to Save for sharing this scenario here.)

As I already have more toothpaste than we'll use in a year thanks to CVS, I took the entire bag of Crest to the Food Pantry Basket in our church/school lobby.

But I still had those $20 in RRs to use; why waste them now when I can roll them over, right?

My second transaction:

(1) Venus Embrace, $9.99

*used $4.00/1, PG 5/4

(3) 12 pks Pepsi, 3/$10.00

(1) Zantac 8 pk, $3.99

*used $1.00/1 printable here

(2) Orbit Gum 3 pks, $2.59 ea

*used Weekly Ad Coupon, 2/$3.00

*used (2) $1.00/1 coupons (these are from one of the February inserts; sorry I don't have exact date or insert)

(1) bag Skittles, $0.69

RR used: $20.00 from first transaction

Final Total w/tax paid OOP cash: $2.24

New RR earned: $11.00 total - $6.00 on Venus; $3.00 on Zantac; and $2.00 on (3) Pepsi 12 pks.

The Pepsi will be stockpiled for end-of-month family get-togethers at my house; Zantac will likely go to someone in my family; Venus Embrace will be added to my stockpile box in the linen closet until needed in the future by me or a family member.


I'll be rolling those $11.00 in RR into a new PG transaction to earn another $20.00 RR, mostly focusing on stockpiling some cleaning products.

One important note: you can't use the PG RRs on another PG RR deal; you must alternate the deals in order to rollover the RRs, a key difference between CVS and Walgreens.

And then I'll use the new $20.00 RR to buy some of the Free After Rebate items from the May Easy Saver Catalog along with some of the other items on sale this week that we need for our pantry.

I'll post again as I work this deal to keep you updated!

And I'll post a How-To about Walgreens soon, too; it's a more complex explanation than my CVS: How to Save. But since a week like this at Walgreens can generate even better deals than CVS, it makes it worthwhile to master the process.

***Revised, Tuesday, 5/6/08, 8:55 pm***

The deals at Walgreens are just soooo good this week; after posting this, I sat down with my calculator and coupons and came up with my next three scenarios.

So, of course, I have to share them with you, kind readers, in hopes that doing so might help one of you!

Here goes:

Scenario #3: (my second PG RR deal for $20 RRs)

(2) Crest Pro-Health Night, $2.50 ea

use $3.00/2 May Easy Saver coupon

use $1.00/1, PG 4/6

(1) Oral-B Floss, $2.50

use $1.00/1 coupon from a dental education packet giveaway at my daughter's school

(2) Cascade Action Packs, $2.50 ea

use (2) $0.50/1, PG 4/6

(2) Cascade - any of the available versions on sale

use (2) $0.25/ANY 1 Cascade, PG 4/6

(2) Old Spice Body Wash, $3.33 ea

use $2.00/2, PG 4/6

Total Before Coupons: $24.16

Total After Coupons: $15.66

Use RRs from Transaction #2: $11.00

Cash OOP: $4.66

New RRs Earned: $20.00 (oh P&G, we love thee!)

Scenario #4:

Skintimate Shave Gel, $1.99

must use Weekly Ad Coupon for $1.99 price

use $0.55/1, SS 4/6

Quaker Oats Granola Bars, 2/$4.00

use $1.00/2, SS 5/4

Smuckers and Jif, 3/$5.00

---1 Jif, 2 Smuckers---

use (2) $0.25/1, 5/4

Zantac 8pk Cool Mint, $3.99

use $1.00/1 printable here

(1) Fusion Phenom Razor, $9.99

use $2.00/1, PG 4/6

Total Before Coupons: $24.97

Total After Coupons: $19.92

~~~I'll likely add a treat/candy filler here for about $0.50; I hate to waste even $0.08!~~~

Use $20.00 RRs from Transaction #3

Cash OOP: ZERO or, with treat, $0.42

New RRs earned: $9.00 ($3.00 on Zantac; $6.00 on Fusion Phenom)

Scenario #5

I'll use the $3.00/6 participating PG items (these do not generate RRs) coupon on the back page of the Weekly Ad for this one:

(3) Folgers, $2.49 ea

use (3) $0.25/1, PG 4/6 and 5/4

(2) Dawn, $1.29 ea

use (2) $0.25/1, PG 4/6

(1) Charmin, $3.49

use $0.25/1, PG 5/4

(1) Domino Sugar, 5 lbs, $1.99

must use Weekly Ad Coupon for this price

Total Before Coupons: $15.53

Total After Coupons: $11.03

Use $9.00 RRs from Transaction #4

Cash OOP: $2.03

No new RRs earned on #5, but that's ok! I'll have stockpiled some very useful things with enough left over to share with family and local charities.

I hope this week at Walgreens inspires you to grab your calculator and coupons and get thinking, too!

Happy Savings!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday: Walgreens RRs Galore!

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, Frugal Faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

New to Shopping Scenario Sunday? Check out the rules here.

CVS is looking ho-hum for the upcoming week. I already used my $5/$30 coupon a few days ago to get some of the monthly ECB deals and a few of the B1G1Free items.

The best I see at CVS this week (for what I need) is this:

Buy $10 of Olay Body Wash or Olay Quench Body Lotion ($5.99 ea), get $5 ECBs; limit 1.

P&G will have an insert in Sunday's paper (there's always a P&G insert the first Sunday of the month); as Olay is a P&G brand, there may well be some good coupons for these.

Another P&G brand on ECB this week: Gillette Venus Embrace, Vibrance, or Breeze Razor.

Buy (1) for $9.99, earn $5.oo ECBs

Again, in the P&G insert, there will most likely be a coupon for this; past coupons have been $4/1 and $2/1, making it a good ECB earner...if you can find them! They go quickly!

I have about $12.oo in ECBs; this may be a hold 'em week for me. If the deals don't look fantastic at first glance, it can be wise to just wait and see. There's always the possibility of a great Thursday email-released CVS coupon!


The deals here look more promising, offering several RR this week tied to P&G products.

Buy 3 participating P&G products, get $4 in RR

Buy 4 participating P&G products, get $6 in RR

Buy 5 or more participating P&G products, get $10 in RR.

See the full breakdown of participating P&G products and prices here (thanks, Andrea!).

Other Register Reward Deals at Walgreens this week:

Buy 1 Gilette FusionPhenom Razor or Venus Embrace Razor for $9.99, get $6.00 RR.

Even more P&G products offered in this second and completely separate RR offer:

Buy 3, get $4 RR

Buy 4, get $6 RR

Buy 5, get $10 RR...and,

Buy any 9 or more, get an additional $10 ($10 for first 5 + another $10 for buying 9 total = $20 RR)

Products for this P&G promotion:

CoverGirl Cosmetics and Olay Skin and Bath, on sale B1G1 50% off

Clairol Perfect 10, $11.99

Pantene or Head and Shoulders Shampoo and Conditioner, $5.99 ea

Nice and Easy, 2/$12

Pantene Pro-V or Restoratives, 2/$10

Infusium 23 Shampoo, Conditioner, or treatments, $5.99

Crest Toothpaste, 2/$5 (ProHealth; Whitening plus Scope)

Old Spice, Secret, Gillette Antiperspirant or Body Spray, 3/$10

Tampax or Always, 2/$10

Tampax Pearl, $6.99

Oral B Satin or Ultra Floss, 2/$5.00

Gilette or Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant, $7.99

Metamucil or Fiber Sure, $10.99

Old Spice or Zest Body Wash, 3/$10

Gillette Disposable Razors (Venus, Mach 3, Daisy), 3/$10

Pepto Bismal, Children and Adult, $4.99

**Note that this P&G RR deal is separate from the first one; don't try to mix and match products from the two different RR offers as it won't work!**

Zantac Cool Mint, 8ct, $3.99, earns $3 RR

Claritin Allergy Relief, 20 ct, $15.99, earns $2 RR

Give $5.oo to American Cancer Society, get $5.oo RR to use on your next Revlon purchase of $10 or more.

Buy (3) Pepsi Products 12pks, 3/$10, earn $2 RR

And, find your fave picture for Mother's Day and get a FREE 8x10 Enlargement with optional border only on Wednesday, May 7, 2008! You'll need the weekly ad coupon for this one.

I've got about $5 left on my Easy Saver Rebate card; looks like it's time to grow those dollars into RRs to use on other items.

**I'll revise with my best scenario for Walgreens tomorrow once I've seen the P&G insert coupons.**

***Revised, Sat., 5/3/08, 10:41 pm EST:

Kind reader Alyssa just emailed me about the coupons available in tomorrow's inserts (P&G, SS, and RP). Click here to read her preview list.

THANKS, Alyssa!

Now it's your turn! Have a great shopping scenario this week you'd like to share? A sweet deal you see at your fave store? Post your shopping scenario at your blog then come back and drop your permalink in the Mr. Linky box.

Be sure to link back to this post in your post and remember to mention which store you're hoping to score a great scenario when you drop your permalink.

Let's all share our best scenarios so we can be frugal with our time and our money!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday, 04/20/08

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, Frugal Faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

New to Shopping Scenario Sunday? Check out the rules here.

My CVS Scenario, 4/20-4/26:

Buy (2) SoftSoap Spa Radiant, $4.99 ea

*use (2) $1.50/1 coupons (not sure which Sunday insert)

Buy (1) Speed Stick 24/7 for Men, $3.99

*use (1) $1.00/1 coupon (RP, 3/30)

Buy (2) Gallons Milk, $3.29 ea

Total cost after coupons: $16.55 + tax

ECBs to use: $14.99

OOP cash paid: $1.56 + tax

New ECBs earned: $13.97 ($4.99 on each SoftSoap; $3.99 on 24/7)

While I'll lose about $1.00 in ECBs on this transaction, I'll still come out ahead with new ECBs for next week, some great stockpile items (we all like to be clean and smell good, right?), and (2) gallons of milk for only $1.56 + tax oop cash.

There are still lots of great monthly ECB deals at CVS and many other B1G1Free deals this week. Check out Slick Deals CVS deals list for this week here or Slick Deals monthly list for April here.

Put together your best, most hopeful scenario - whether it's CVS, Walgreens, Target, Wal-Mart, or your local grocery store - post it at your blog, then come back here and share it with the Frugal Faithful.

Then after you've made your deal, come back and comment to let us know if it went as planned or not.

Let's share information and help each other so we can be frugal with both our money and our time!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kroger Deals, 4/14 - 4/20

I'm participating in my first Grocery Gathering over at BeCentsAble; I'll be posting this week's deals at Kroger. I'll also link this to my Shopping Scenario Sunday for this week and kill two birds with one stone - as always, I try to be frugal with my time as well as my money!

I'm in the Cincinnati area so these deals are good for my region and are most likely good at all Krogers; I urge you to check your weekly ad for match-ups.

AND, very important, my Kroger DOUBLES coupons up to $1.00; my final prices reflect doubling if it applies.


KROGER DEALS 4/14-4/20

Design a reusable shopping bag online here and receive a credit on your Kroger's Shopper Card for a FREE bag!

(See my design here!)

Buy (3) Pepsi product 12 pk cans for $9.00, get an instant $1.00 off.

Final price, 3/$8.00

Buy (3) any combination Pepsi product 12 pks (priced 3/$9.00) or Doritos (price $1.88), get (1) FREE reusable shopping bag.

NO LIMIT; great deal to combine with the instant $1.00/(3) 12 pks!

Buy any Everyday Living or GE CFL Lightbulb, get (1) FREE reusable shopping bag. (Limit 1 per household)

GE CFL Lightbulbs sale priced 2/$6.00

Tennesee Pride 16 oz Pork Sausage Roll, B1g1 Free, $3.69

($1.00/1 RP 4/13; $1.00/1 RP 3/16)

Final Price: $1.69 for 2 Rolls with 2 coupons.

Bob Evans Side Dishes or Sausage Gravy, $2.50

($0.35/1 Side Dish, 3/9 SS)

Final Price: $1.80

Yoplait Yogurts, 4-6 oz, $0.55

(Buy 4 Whips, Get 1 Free, SS 4/13; $0.40/6, SS 3/30 and SS 2/24)

Final Price: $2.20/5; $2.50/6

Charmin Big Pack, 9 Mega Rolls or 18 Big Rolls, $10.00

$0.25/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $9.50

Bounty 8pk Giant Rolls, $10.00

$0.25/1, PG 4/6

Final Price: $9.50

Post Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 13-25 oz, $2.50

$1.00/1 SS 3/2

Final Price: $1.50

General Mills Cereal, Assorted Varieties, 12.2-18.25 oz, $2.50

$1.00/3, SS 3/9; $1.00/2, SS 4/13, SS 4/6, SS 3/16

Final Price: 3/$6.50 or 2/$4.00

Freschetta Pizza, 9.4-29.6 oz, 2/$9.00

$1.50/2, SS 2/10

Final Price: 2/$7.50

Bertolli Skillet Meals, 24 oz, $4.99

$1.50/1 Mediterranean Style, SS 3/2; printable $2.50/1 here

Final price: $3.49 or $2.49

Pampers Diapers, Jumbo Pks, $9.49

$2.00/2 PG 4/6

Final price: 2/$16.98

Sundown Vitamins, B1G1Free, 30-250 ct., No Price Listed

$2.00/1 RP 4/13, RP 3/16, RP 2/24

Final price: not sure; use 2 coupons for maximum savings

Revlon Cosmetics and Nail Care, Full Line, 50% OFF

$1.00/1 Revlon Beauty Tool, SS 4/13

$1.00/1 Revlon Cosmetics, SS 1/13

Final price: varies

Almay Cosmetics, Full Line, 50% off

$1.oo/1 SS 3/9, SS 1/13

Final price: varies

Shick Quattro Titanium Razor or Titanium with Trimmer, $8.99

Free Razor Refill with One Razor or Trimmer, RP 4/13

Final price: FREE REFILL

Tylenol Extra Strength, 100 ct, $7.49

$1.00/1 SS 4/16

Final price: $6.49

Other Great Deals This Week

Eggs, 1 Doz Grade A Lg or XLg, $1.00

Little Debbie Snack Cakes, 6-12 ct, $0.88

Kroger Buttercrust Bread, 24 oz, $1.00

Kroger Can Vegetables, 11-15.25 oz, 3/$1.00 or $0.33 ea

Kroger Cheese, Bar/Shred, 8 oz, Slices, 6 oz, Singles, 12 oz, $1.50

Sweet Corn, 8/$2.00 or $0.25 ea


Please drop a comment if I missed any great deals! Let's share the knowledge and be frugal with our time and our money!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday: Share Your Plans!

It's SUNDAY! Time to praise, time to relax, and time to scour the weekly ads for the best deals out there!

Let's all join together, frugal faithful, and share our best, most hopeful shopping scenarios for the week!

1. Post your best shopping scenario for the upcoming week at your blog. Include store, what sale items you hope to snag, what coupons you'll be using (if any), and what you hope to pay and how you'll pay for your deal - with real money or ECBs, gift card, Register Rewards, etc.

2. Come back here and add your post link to the Mr. Linky! Be sure you note your name/blog and the store name where you hope to score your best deal.

3. Stick around and take a look at all the good deals that folks are cooking up across the blogosphere; you might find a better deal to help you this week!

4. Be sure to mention Shopping Scenario Sunday in your post with a link back to this post!

My hope is that by sharing our scenarios, we can save money and time. And if anyone encounters problems (ie: low stock, coupons not accepted, etc), please come back and share that information by leaving a comment.

Thanks for joining in the fun!


Here's my best Shopping Scenario for the week (thanks for the heads up, Be CentsAble!):


Buy (4) Wrigley's Gum Big Packs (the 17 stick ones, not the multi-packs) at $1.19 ea ($4.78)

Buy (2) Posts Honey Bunches of Oats with Real Chocolate Clusters at $2.00 ea ($4.00)

Buy (4) Aveeno Skin and Bath Care at $2.39 ea (I'm hoping these are in stock!) ($9.56)

Total: $18.34

Use these coupons:

for Wrigley's

*B1G1 Free coupon from 3/2 Sunday Insert

*Walgreens 7-Day Coupon (in their weekly ad): 3 packs/$2.00

*Walgreens Easy Saver Coupon (in April Rebate Book): 3 packs/$0.99

for Post

*(2) printables for $2.00/1 box of Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Clusters (print here and here)

for Aveeno

*(1) printable for $1.00/1 Aveeno Product (print here)

*(1) $1.00/1 from Sunday insert today (4/6)

*(1) $1.50/2 from Sunday insert today (4/6)

Total after coupons: $5.37

Use my RR (Register Rewards) from last week of $4.00

Final Total: $1.37 OOP cash

EARN $10.00 in new RR on buying 4 Aveeno!

(Even if you don't have any RR or Gift Card $, this scenario is a possible money maker!)

**Revised 4/7/08, 10:30 pm EST:

If it looks too good to be true, it may well be!

The B1G1 Free coupons are only for Wrigley's, not Extra.

The coupons out this Sunday (4/6) for Aveeno are not for the $2.39 bar of soap. All other Aveeno prices are in the $6.00 + range. Spendy!

The $2 sale on Post does not include the Chocolate Clusters.

So, I bought (3) big packs Extra for $0.99 using the (2) Walgreens coupons.

And, because I'm a fun mom, I bought a big bottle of Magic Bubbles for my three sweeties. Frugal? Not really. Fun? ABSOLUTELY!

I used my $4.00 RR from last week and paid $0.21 in tax. I don't have any RR to use this week but that's fine; I still have CVS to plunder!

And, I still used my (2) $2.00/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats with Chocolate Clusters; I swung through Wal-Mart for some paint for my Girl Scout Troop and saw they were still priced at $2.32 there. I bought two boxes for a grand total of $0.64 plus tax. Not too bad!

Bottom line: be flexible in your scenarios, your stores, and your shopping. And celebrate the good deals you find by accident!

Thanks for sharing your scenarios!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30: CVS

Three items of note about CVS this week:

1. The CVS March Monthly ECB Deals expire 3/31;

2. The two deal-worthy coupons that have been out this month ($5/$15 from Wellness 360 and $3/$12 emailed from CVS) expire 3/31; and

3. The new CVS April Monthly ECB Deals begin on Tuesday, 4/1/08. This month is the Semi-Annual Beauty Sale, so there are tons of deals on makeup, cosmetics, and body products.


Buy 3 SoftSoap Radiant Spa Body Wash @ 4.99 ea for $14.97 (limit 5 total for this deal)

*use $3/$12 Beauty Coupon from CVS
*use $5/$15 360 Wellness Coupon
*use (3) $1.50/1 coupons from 3/30 Sunday insert

Total OOP: $2.47 (pay with ECBs if you have them)

Total ECBs Earned: $14.97

If you don't have the $5/$15 coupon or the $3/$12 CVS coupon - perhaps you're a CVS beginner - you can use this deal to earn ECBs to roll into new deals.

Buy 1 SoftSoap Radiant Spa Body Wash @ $4.99

*use 1 $1.50/1 from 3/30 Sunday insert

Total OOP: $3.49

Toal ECBs Earned: $4.99.

You've spent $3.49, gotten a great deal on the SoftSoap Radiant Spa Body Wash, and now you have $4.99 - $1.50 more than you invested on your above purchase - to spend on other ECB earning products.

I'll post more on how to use CVS and Walgreens to lower your budget tomorrow.

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30: WALGREENS

I'm going to highlight the Register Rewards available this week, 3/30-4/5 at Walgreens - there are many good ones!

*Note: Register Rewards are a printed coupon at point of sale that works as cash toward your next purchase at Walgreens. You CANNOT use a Register Reward from one promotion toward doing the same promotion again; if you want to "roll" your Register Reward during the same week into a new Register Reward, you'll have to do so by using the first Register Reward (let's call this promotion A) to purchase products on a different Register Reward promotion (let's call this one B).

In a nutshell, this is how to roll over Walgreens Register Rewards during the same week:

Buy products for Promotion A, earn Register Reward $ from Promotion A (paying with cash, older Register Rewards from the previous week, or with Monthly Easy Saver Rebate generated Gift Card $$); then,

Buy products from Promotion B, pay with Register Reward from Promotion A, and earn new Register Reward $ from Promotion B; then,

Buy another set of products from Promotion A, earning new Register Reward $ from Promotion A, and paying for products with Register Rewards from Promotion B.

You can do this as many times as you like to better your deal. And of course, using coupons on the products in the promotions will sweeten the deal even further.



Buy $10 of participating P&G products, earn $4.00 in Register Rewards.

Buy $50 of participating P&G products, earn a total of $20.00 Register Rewards and earn a bonus $5.00 Register Reward - a total of $25.00 in Register Rewards!

Buy 7 Febreeze Noticeable Starter Kits for $7.00 ea
*Use (7) $3/1 coupon from 3/2 P&G Insert

Buy 1 Febreeze Air Effects for $2.50
*Use (1) $1/1 coupon from 3/2 P&G Insert

Total Cost: $51.50

Total OOP (Out Of Pocket) after coupons (these expire on 3/31, so get this deal now!): $29.50

Total Register Rewards Earned: $25.00

There are numerous P&G products available for this RR; check the ad at Walgreens to see what works best for you. All the P&G coupons from both the February 10 insert and the March 2 insert expire 3/31/08, so you'll need to flip your deal soon!

Other Register Rewards this week at Walgreens:

Buy (4) 12 pks Pepsi for $11.00, earn $3.00 RR

Buy Bertolli Frozen Dinner for $5.99, earn $2.00 RR

Buy $15 of Nexxus Hair products, earn $5.00 RR

Buy $30 of select Baby/Baby Care items, earn $5.00 RR

Buy Glucerna Cereal for $4.99, earn $4.99 RR

Other Deals of Note this week at Walgreens:

All Easter items %75 off (you might be able to use some candy coupons if you still have them to get overage on items if your store hasn't been picked clean yet); and,

Wednesday, April 2, get a FREE Printer Cartridge Refill! You'll need the coupon from the insert for this and you'll also need to check if your ink cartridge is compatible.

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30: KROGER

Frugal Faithful, grab your Kroger circular and prepare to save some serious $$ getting groceries this week!

Kroger is running a 10 Item Mega Event; buy 10 items (mix and match off the sale price lists of $1 items, $1.50 items, $2 items and $2.50 items) and receive an instant $5.00 off your purchase.

Limit of 3 rewards (buying 30 items and saving $15.00) per transaction.

In my region, this sale runs through April 13, 2008, so there is a lot of potential to make this deal work for you over the next two weeks.

Listed $1.00 items (with doubled coupons for $0.50, you may get many of these for free, creating an overage on your total bill!) for the 10 Item Mega Event (I'm in Cincinnati; this may vary region to region):


Pedigree Canned Dog Food, 22 oz

Gatorade Sports Drink, 32 oz

Sobe Lifewater, 20 oz

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, 6.8-8 oz

Lipton Side Dishes, Rice or Noodles, 4.1-6.4 oz

Haggen-Dazs, 4-4.23 oz or cup

Manwich Sloppy Joe Sauce, 15.16 oz

French's Mustard, 12-14 oz (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for 0.50/1)

Hormel Chili with Beans, 15 oz (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for $1/2)

Kroger Toaster Treats, 8 ct

Kroger Pretzels, 9-15 oz

Excedrin Extra Strength 10 ct vial (*coupons in recent Sunday inserts for $2/1 any size Excedrin! Overage!)

Hershey's Whoppers or Milk Duds, 10-12 oz

Betty Crocker Cake Mix, 18-18.4 oz

Pillsbury Biscuits and Crescent Rolls, 4-12 oz (*many, many coupons in recent Sunday inserts, 0.50/3 Biscuits and 0.50/1 Crescents)

There are also similar-sized lists of items sale priced at $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50. You can plan your shopping list to max out the 3o items/3 rewards per transaction and save $15.oo off your total transaction; with coupons on the individual items, you'll net some serious savings overall.

Check online at Kroger for what's available in your region. I know some of the regions (Atlanta) are already displaying the upcoming week's ad.

Do you have links to any printables for these products or the other products listed in the Kroger 10 Item Mega Event? Email me and I'll post them with credit back to your blog. Thanks!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shopping Scenario Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Sunday, time to grab your circulars, your fresh coupons, and plot your very best, most deal-worthy Shopping Scenarios!

Of course, we frugal faithful know that our planned scenarios can go awry. Items are out of stock, coupons don't work, and sometimes we simply don't get to all the stores we'd hoped to pillage visit each week.

But in the spirit of helpfulness, let's all post our most hopeful deal scenarios. Your ideas may help save someone else mucho cash.

And that, my dear frugal faithful, is a blessing indeed!


The Rules:

1. Post your best deal scenarios for the week at your blog; if you have details on coupons - including links to printables - share the info with the world and help everyone be more frugal with their time. Scenarios should be fair and honest - ethical couponing only, please.

2. Come back here and enter your URL for the post into the Mr. Linky box, along with a brief description about your post.

3. Comment once you've posted your linkage.

*Updated 3/30/08 - Rather than overwhelm this post, I'll post my Shopping Scenarios/Deals separately then add them to the Mr. Linkybox .

I'm hopeful that by sharing our scenarios, we will help everyone better plan their time for the upcoming week. Thanks in advance to everyone participating in the first ever Shopping Scenario Sunday!