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Friday, April 18, 2008

Surplus/Salvage Merchandise Stores

Kind reader and member of the Frugal Faithful, Sheila, sent me this great frugal hint by email:

One money saving idea I've not seen mentioned anywhere as of yet is checking out the "Surplus/salvage Merchandise" listings in your area. In Louisville, we have a Salvage Store (it has 3 locations) and I frequently shop there. You never know what you will find there. I often buy Starbucks coffee, name brand cereals, even hair dye and makeup. Some items there are date expired, so I am careful to check that out - however, most items are dented cereal boxes (or perhaps the top flap on the box has come unglued but the inner bag is intact). I do not buy dented cans - they scare me. Often a Pamper bag is slightly torn. Great deals on detergent, soaps, etc.

I realize all areas do not have these stores, but a quick check in the yellow pages might save you big bucks!

I don't have any personal experience with Surplus/Salvage Merchandise stores but I am really intrigued.

Is there anyone else out there that has experience with such stores? Please share via comment, and let us know how successful you are in finding good deals. If you'd like to add locations and names of stores, that would be fabulous!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: More Kroger Deals

It's Super Savings Saturday over at Money Saving Mom - go join in the fun and see how much the frugal faithful have saved this week!

I did my usual Friday Krogering yesterday and of course, made use of the Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale to fill my cart with 30 of the participating items along with my other necessities.

These 30 goodies above were $55.00 (mind you, that's the sale price - all the 10 Item Mega Sale items are priced at either $1.00, $1.50, $2.00, and $2.50).

I paid $29.50 for them after the $5.00/10 items multiplied by 3 = $15.00 was discounted.

I also had $10.50 in doubled coupons for some of these items.

My total savings on these 30 items was $25.50 - a total savings of 54%. Not bad! And I haven't even taken into account that these items are at sale price, not full price. Even more total savings!

My total bill yesterday at Kroger for these items and the rest of my necessities was $86.20 for $171.o1 worth of goodies. I saved $84.81 with sales and coupons, a savings of 49%!

And I'm stockpiling my pantry, a key part of using coupons to be frugal. Buy low, buy much, and spend less over time.

The Kroger 10 Item Mega Sale runs through April 13 in the Cincinnati area; I'm eager to see the coupons in tomorrow's paper and how they match up to the sale. I foresee many good deals next week, too!

Happy Savings!

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Steals and Deals, March 22-29

It's Super Savings Saturday over at Money Saving Mom which means it's time to highlight this week's Steals and Deals!

Walgreen's has extended the February FAR (Free After Rebate) on the Venus Embrace Razors (which are currently on sale for $9.99 and generating a $5.00 Register Reward to use as cash on your next Walgreen's purchase). As I understand, there were not enough Venus Embrace Razors in stock in Walgreens stores in February thus the rebate was extended. Simply send in the receipt as usual with your rebate form. On the rebate form, add #51 to the bottom and write in Venus Embrace Razor - Limit 1 - $9.99.

I'd already used my rebate $ from February earlier this month (rolling most of them into rebates for March, of course!) but with a $5 RR printing and the prospect of a FAR, it was time to cook up a deal!

Here was my planned Scenario:

Transaction #1

Buy 1 Venus Embrace Razor - $9.99
*Use $4/1 Coupon from 3/2 PG Insert

Pay $5.99 + tax OOP, earn $5.00 RR

Send in for full $9.99 FAR on Venus Embrace.

Transaction #2

Buy 1 Garnier Fructis Styler -$3.99
*Use $1/1 Coupon from 3/9 Insert

Buy 2 Scott 4pk Toilet Paper - $3.49 ea
*Use Walgreens 2/$5.00 Coupon from WG Weekly Ad, March 23
*Use 2 $1/1 Coupons from 3/16 Smart Source Insert

Buy 2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners - BOGO sale priced 2/$2.79
*Use 2 .50/1 Coupons from 3/16 Smart Source Insert

Use $5.00 RR generated by Transaction #1

Pay $2.78 OOP

Send in for full $3.99 FAR on Garnier Fructis Styler.

Total Planned OOP: $8.77 + tax
Total Earned Rebate: $13.98 + 10% (always get your rebate as a Gift Card to earn the additional 10%)=$15.38
Total Net Profit: $6.00 (after tax on OOP)

But, alas, as many of you frugal faithful well know, every carefully planned Scenario requires an open mind, flexibility in purchasing, and quick-on-your-feet math skills.

So my actual purchase was this:

Transaction #1

As stated above (thank goodness the Embrace Razors were in stock!)

Transaction #2

1 Scott 4pk - $2.50
2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaners - 2/$2.79
1 Fructis Hair Styler - $3.99
3 Rubber Duckies - $0.50 ea (on sale 75% off)
1 Nick Jr Jellybeans - $0.62 (on sale 75% off)

I paid OOP: $4.10

My total OOP for the trip:was $10.74
My total Rebates I'll receive remained $15.38

I still netted a profit of $4.64 on this purchase.

And getting three little duckies for free for my three Royal Monkeys made both the kids and I happy we stopped in Walgreens this week!

This deal should still work today (Saturday); if you can think of a better scenario, post it in the comments and share the frugal fun!

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