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Showing posts with label Super Savings Saturday. Show all posts

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Super Savings Saturday: CVS and Rediscovering Save-A-Lot

Well, it was an slow week for me, deal-wise. But to be honest, I didn't go looking for many deals other than my usual Krogering and CVSing. My daughter's t-ball team (coached by my hubs) plays 3x/week in June and swim lessons for all my children started this week. Life is always busy here for our bunch.

I did take advantage of the Nivea deal at CVS to stock up my husband's shave gel supply and grab milk for the week. I'll be sharing some with my brother-in-law, too, the next time he's here to visit.

No pictures, but here's what I bought at CVS:

(2) Gallons milk, $3.39 ea

(2) Nivea Extreme shave gel, $3.99 ea

*used $4/2, 6/8 insert

(1) Nivea shave gel, $2.99

*used $2/1 printable here

ECBs used: $12.00

OOP cash: $2.25

New ECBs earned: $5.00

Yeah, I burned some serious ECBs on this transaction, losing $7.00 overall. We needed the milk and while I do try to grow my ECBs, some weeks just don't match up to our needs. The beauty of CVSing is there's always another great deal coming along in the future.

I still have another $4.00 in ECBs along with the $5.00 I made on this transaction. I may swing through CVS later today to see if I can stockpile some of the GM cereal/cereal bars and grow my ECBs, too.

Looking for next week's deals at CVS? Read the Weekly Ad and the ECB deals here, courtesy of SlickDeals.


We were out for our usual Thursday adventure (every day requires and adventure/activity of some sort to survive the summer months with kids underfoot) and I realized I couldn't make apple pie (as requested by my three weefolk) since we were out of cinnamon.

Rather than stop at Kroger, I swung through the Save-A-Lot down the street from the library.

When we lived in Illinois, I shopped at our small town's Save-A-Lot almost exclusively. My other choices were Super Wal-Mart (whose prices were higher and produce was icky) or the local grocery chain whose prices were so over-the-top expensive it was laughable.

I really liked Save-A-Lot then; the store was small, making it easy to navigate with a toddler and a baby. The staff was friendly and kind. The produce was the best in our town since Save-A-Lot buys local produce to save on shipping costs. And the prices were very, very good, even without coupons.

As I walked through Save-A-Lot, I took note of prices. The produce at this store wasn't any better priced or better quality than what I find at Kroger. Where I found the real savings was in the baking aisle.

Here are some of the prices I found on baking staples; I intend to take a trip back with a pen and paper and make some more notes for a more in-depth price list:

Flour, 5 lbs: $1.59 {I pay $1.89/5 lbs at Kroger}

Spices, 4.25 oz (the big bottles): $1.19

Shortening, 3 lb can: $2.99 {I paid $4.49 earlier this week at Kroger for this size in their brand}

Chocolate Chips: $1.29 {I paid $1.74 at Kroger this week for their brand}

Flavor Aid 12 pk: $0.89 {What's summer with out Kool Aid -- or a generic version of it? This is a great price!}

I do a lot of baking here for my bunch - bread, cookies, pies, brownies, etc - and coupons or deals for baking staples aren't as easy to find as others. So finding prices that beat even Kroger's brand prices is a great discovery and I certainly plan to add Save-A-Lot back into my shopping rotation just for these items.

Do you shop your local Save-A-Lot? On which items do you find the best deals? Does your Save-A-Lot accept coupons; if so, do you find even better deals with coupons?

Share because you care!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

CVSing 6/1 - 6/7: Getting What We Needed for $1.06

I'm linking this post up to The "Cents"ible Sawyer's CVS SuperStars and to Money Saving Mom's Super Savings Saturday. I hope you'll visit both posts and be inspired after taking a look at some of the great deals found by other bloggers this week.

I made two trips to CVS this week; I normally make only one trip (if I go at all), but ended up needing milk by the end of the week.

Trip #1:

(2) Listerine Smart Rinse, $3.49 ea

used $1/1 printable here

used $1/1, RP 4/27

(1) Chase & Sanborn Coffee, on sale for $2.00

Total after coupons: $6.98

ECBs used: $5.99

Cash paid OOP: $1.06

NEW ECBs earned: $6.98 ($3.49 on each of the Listerine)

We were out of coffee (horrors!) and my daughter uses this rinse every night; it was a small and effective transaction on something we need right now and something we'll most definitely use in the future.

I realized Thursday that I didn't have enough milk to make it to Monday (my normal Krogering day). So I grabbed my pencil, my ads, and checked out the coupon database at HotCouponWorld to create the best possible transaction I could.

Trip #2:

(1) Gallon Milk, $2.99

(1) Chex Mix, on sale $1.00

$1/1 printable here

(2) J&J Buddies Soaps, $0.99 ea

$1/1 printable here (printed two different coupons to use)

(2) CVS Bandages, $1.99 ea

Total after coupons: $6.95

ECBs used: $6.98 (earned in Trip #1)


NEW ECBs earned: $3.98 ($1.99 on each CVS bandage)

Again, a small transaction to get what I needed most - milk. But I was also able to get the Chex Mix (we love this stuff!) and the J&J soaps (which my boys love to use) for free after coupons.

And although I lost a net of $3.00 in ECBs, I still earned back $3.98 on the bandages, another item we need as it's summertime and every day brings a new skinned knee, bump, or boo-boo.

And I only spent $1.06 cash overall, keeping me on track for this week's $70 grocery budget for my family of five.

Kroger: $61.52

Wal-Mart: $7.45 (for $22.36 of goodies; see the photo and coupon details here)

CVS: $1.06

Walgreens: $1.35

Total: $71.38 --- close enough!


New to CVSing? Learn more about how CVS can save you serious moola here.

And feel free to email me or comment below (or at these fine blogs here, here, and here) with your questions on how CVSing works; I'd be happy to help and I know my blogging buddies would, too.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Super Saving Saturday: CVS, I Missed You!

I have to tell you - I only went to CVS this week to flip some ECBs that were about to expire. I hadn't been to CVS for over two weeks as the deals just weren't overly fab and I had a well-stocked pantry.

Like I mentioned here, I found these tearpad coupons at my usual CVS for the FreeStyle Glucometers that are part of the May ECB deals, buy (1) at $9.99, earn $10.00 in ECBs, limit 2.

Since my usual CVS was out of stock and the super-wonderful ladies who work there informed me that there would be no more trucks before the end of the week (which is the end of May and thus this deal), I took a trip down to the CVS across the river with hopes I'd find the monitors.

And I did!

Here's my first transaction:

(1) FreeStyle Lite Monitor, $9.99

(2) Boxes Lipton Tea, 2/$6.00

(1) Skippy, $1.50

(1) Hershey Bar, $0.79 (and thoroughly enjoyed by my boys!)

(1) M&Ms, $0.50

(1) Small notebook (not pictured as my older son was busy drawing in it), $0.99

Coupons used:

* (1) $19.99/1 FreeStyle coupon, adjusted down to $9.99

* (2) $0.60/1 Lipton coupons, SS 5/18

* (1) CVS printed FREE Hershey Bar coupon

ECBs used:

$2.99 and $4.69

Cash OOP:


ECBs earned:

$10.00 on FreeStyle


Transaction #2

(1) FreeStyle Freedom Monitor, $9.99

(2) Ragu, 2/$3.00

(1) J&J Softwash Lotion, $5.99

(1) Aquafresh Extreme Clean, $2.99

Coupons used:

(1) 19.99/1 Freestyle, adjusted to $9.99

(1) $0.50/2 Ragu, SS 5/18

(1)$1.00/1 Aquafresh Extreme Clean (sorry, can't remember location!)

ECBs used:

$10.00 from Transaction #1

Cash OOP:


ECBs earned:

$17.99 total

$10.00 (FreeStyle)

$3.00 (for purchasing a total of $10.00 in Lipton, Ragu, and Skippy over the two transactions)

$2.99 (Aquafresh)

$2.00 (J&J Softlotion)


Get ready for the June ECB deals at CVS! Check out SlickDeals listing of June's Monthly ECB deals here!

And be sure to visit Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom and CVS SuperStars at The "Cents"ible Sawyer for more inspiring deals! You might just be able to grab one of those deals for yourself!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Savings Saturday at MSM

I'm linking up with Crystal's Super Savings Saturday at Money Saving Mom; click over and see all the great deals found by the Frugal Faithful this week!


Alas, it was slim pickings for deals at CVS last week. Since I plundered Walgreens during their P&G RR promotion, the pantry and the goodie box in our hall closet are both well stocked; why spend real $$ or ECBs when I can just "shop" my stockpile at home, right?

I'd decided to skip CVS altogether this week and save my $12 ECBs for another week...that is, until I came home after school drop-off to find one of the pink fake-Crocs belonging to my daughter (purchased a couple of weeks ago at CVS with ECBs, of course) had been happily chewed to bits by our dog, Brownie:

This photo is from one of his prior frenzied moments (German Shorthair Pointers are bundles of energy); I imagine he looked much like this as he tossed my daughters fave new summer shoes around the living room and office.

So what's a mom to do?

Head back to CVS right away!

And so, rather than a picture of my purchase at CVS, I offer you this pseudo-MasterCard commercial moment:


1 pair pink Croc-like summer clogs, on sale 25% off:


Getting a replacement pair for FREE before my daughter discovered her new shoes had become new chews:



I did have to burn $7.00 in ECBs (I bought {2} candy bars as fillers for my sons) leaving me with only $5.00 in ECBs to flip in next week's deals.

Which brings me to my next point: I've been hosting Shopping Scenario Sunday here for about a month; as I've worked on changing this blog around a bit, I've been thinking of ways to improve everything and help people who are newbies to CVS, couponing, and living with a frugal mindset.

Starting tomorrow, Shopping Scenario Sunday will change!

Since rolling ECBs at CVS offers one of the best ways to start slashing your grocery/personal care/paper goods budget, I want to focus on helping newbies master the CVS system.

Instead of Shopping Scenario Sunday, I'll be hosting...

The $5.00 CVS Challenge!

Here's how it will work:

1. Come up with your best scenario/scenarios for the upcoming week at CVS using the current weekly ad, monthly deals, and coupons available. Your budget for Out of Pocket (OOP) expenses on the first transaction is only $5.00 (either cash OOP or ECBs on hand).

2. Using up to (3) scenarios (we don't want to overwhelm the newbies with too many transactions), offer up your best scenarios to "grow" that $5.00 into more ECBs to use in following weeks.

3. If you want to divide your $5.00 allowance over the three scenarios to make them work, that's fine!

4. Be sure to list coupons by inserts and/or with links to printables to make it easier for everyone to follow along.

Here's my reasons for coming up with The CVS $5.00 Challenge:

*The CVS ECB game can be tricky and intimidating to newbies who've never tried it or to those out there who are new to coupons in general.

*When starting the CVS ECB game, it's best to set a low OOP budget, like $5.00, and "grow" your ECBs over multiple transactions.

*Many of us are very experienced at the CVS ECB game; this is a chance to use that knowledge to help beginners throughout the blogosphere.

There you have it! A new way to play the CVS ECB game by helping newbies learn the ropes. And who knows - you just might be inspired yourself by some of the deals you find, too!

Come back tomorrow (Sunday 5/18) and look for The CVS $5.00 Challenge post; I may not have all the whiz-bang buttons done, but I'll have the Mr. Linky box ready and waiting for your great ideas!

**Want to get cracking on your deals? Check out Alyssa's preview of tomorrow's (5/18) coupons here; check out Taylor Town Preview, too.

Remember, coupons can and do vary by region and newspapers!**

As always, thanks for spending a few minutes of your day reading The New Frugal Mom, and...

Happy Savings!